How do i change my bulbs temp?

Im new to hubitat so it may be something simple..I paired the bulbs I just cant get them to change temp. ..the bulbs im messing with are made by third reality. only got them because they can go from 5000k to 6500k. cant stand 2700 which is what theyre stuck at..

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Which driver have you chosen for the bulbs? If the color temperature can be altered, you should try this driver:

Generic Zigbee CT bulb (dev)

After changing drivers (from the device page), be sure to hit the "Configure" button on the device page.

yeah i tried that one. i didn't hit configure what does that do? also does that older samsung motion sensor not even work at all? its showing up as a moisture says its dry. :confused:

i cant find the edit ill post another reply. does the samsung smart outlet not work? the only thing samsung on the list i see is the crummy buttons they made that barely worked. :frowning:

Hello....welcome to Hubitat.

First of all, please understand that this is a user forum. All except a couple of folks are users, just like you, not support people who are here to reply to your support requests. So, a little patience is always appreciated. :slight_smile:

Now, when you pair a device with Hubitat, if the device is on the Supported Devices list, the appropriate driver should be selected automatically for that device. You should not need to modify what driver is selected. If you are just starting, I would suggest removing the device that you have that you think is incorrect and pair it to the hub again.

What type of bulbs are you trying to control?

There is no edit button. Have you watched the how-to on basics with Hubitat? The Hubitat you tube channel might be a good place to start to familiarize yourself with the hub and how it works.

I think the OP ment the post edit button.

@zombieuhrise You need to click on the 3 dots under your post and click the pencil

yep was talkin about the posts edit. I don't see the dots or the pencil. possibly blocked by my dns. i just have a heart thing a link and a bookmark thing then reply. also im looking at all this from a weird angle as im injured so i cant actually sit at the desk while doing this an fixing the hub n devices. back to the thing before. um got the samsung outlet and the old sensor working by just hitting the configure button like you said. thanks! but the third reality bulbs don't want to show a place to change their temp after configuring one using ct bulb dev driver. which how to? looking an I'm not really seeing the information i need. am I configuring the dashboard wrong for the bulb? my sengled bulbs configured on their own with no work but they're just one temp. sorry if i squished everything together I didnt really edit and I was typing this out as I messed with my sengled bulbs an motion sensors. liking this hub over the samsung so far.

You won't have those functions since you are a new user to the forum.

The Third Reality Bulbs are most likely not going to choose the correct driver when you pair them to the hub since they are not on the supported devices list. You can choose the correct driver by going into the edit device page and under where it says "Type" choosing the "Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev)" driver from the drop-down list. Then make sure that you hit the button labeled "Save Device".

Then, after the page refreshes, hit the configure button located directly under the device's name.

Then, under configure you will see a button labeled "set color temperature". Enter the number of K that you want and then hit the button. The bulb should change. If it doesn't, try choosing "Generic Zigbee RGBW bulb" from the drop-down list, hitting save device and then configure again and trying it again. I do not have any of these bulbs so I do not know if they follow the standard conventions for CT but one of the two of them should work.

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Compatible device list. A subtle, but important, difference.


looks like after the last try using the dev driver and hitting configure everything is working and I got all my sensors and lights moved over and working fine. gana toss the sammy hub into the room with a moose if it keeps working right. thanks for the help!

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