How can you read a device's preferences from an app?


I thought that was what I said, too. But I must have explained it with the wrong words. :smile:



@chuck.schwer That's exactly the behavior I'm wanting but I don't see it in the hub's logs so I assumed I had to wire it in myself. Is there something I could be doing that is keeping it from the log? Perhaps related to it being a child device to a parent device?


none of that should affect it. Have you tried turning it off, clicking save and then turning it on and clicking save then click the open and close buttons? copy and paste the logs of that here.


@chuck.schwer It's that simple! I was doing a myDevice.sendEvent(name: "contact", value: "open") and that did not trigger writing to the log. When I did it did write it to the log. So the logging is part of the open/close command and not part of an event handler. Makes perfect sense now that you say that. Thanks!