How can I sum the wattages from several power meters?

I'd like to add up the wattages from several power meters and post them on a tile.
Can anyone help me with this?
I'm just a beginner at RM.

Use my app:


Well, tell the truth, I didn't look at your app, yet anyway. I created a bunch of local variables and added them up, and set it equal to a hub variable, which I put on a tile. I did a difference between what the whole house Aeotec said and that number and called it 'unaccounted'. I'm trying to get unaccounted down low. It's a shed load thing for a generator that probably will never really happen. Still, helps while away the winter hours for this RM noob.

Thanks for your effort. I'll check it out later in the week.

Better than the Aeotec is the iotawatt. It can even graph (and 100% local interoprtability with HE)

Honestly, this is more or less what my app does. The key difference is that it would've saved you a ton of clicks and will minimize the changes required if you add/remove/replace a device.

You're absolutely right! There was a heck of a lot of clicking! I learned some stuff though. I'll be adding more devices, so perhaps I'll segue into your app!

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