How can I figure out if MakerAPI changed recently?

I'm using MakerAPI to publish some devices so my Home Assistant can also read them. I just noticed that about 6 days ago temperature attributes stopped showing up in HA. I can't tell which side changed and/or which side is at fault so I'm starting at the source: how can I figure out if HE MakerAPI is working properly and, more usefully, if it changed? I could ask that same question twice

  1. did HE MakerAPI change generally with respect to how it communicates temp attributes (or whatever they're a part of)?
  2. is there a way for me to check the history of my own upgrades? I'm only trying to look 6 days back in time and I have some precise data around when things stopped working, but I don't know how to look at HE logs to see which version of software or extensions was live at the time.

You can check the platform release notes to see what has changed:

For your specific question, there were two minor additions to Maker API in 2.3.8 point releases, but nothing that would have broken existing compatibility.

Without more information, it's hard to say where to start troubleshooting, but if you are using a popular custom component on the other end, make sure you are up-to-date there. Recently, there were some fixes for things that broke with recent updates if I recall correctly.

I think the easiest is to navigate to Logs, then select the Hub Events tab and look for (or search/filter to make it easier) the systemStart events (name in the first column). The description and value columns will show you the version number; when this changes, it means you must have just done an upgrade (or downgrade), as that also reboots the hub.

Awesome, that's extremely useful to confirm that no updates correlate with the exact time when these symptoms arrived. That makes me lean toward, "something over in HA is the problem."

Found it! The problem was over in HA. I'm using the HACS (Home Assistant Community Store) and within that the main Hubitat integration. The changelog is here Releases · jason0x43/hacs-hubitat · GitHub

I believe I must have updated HA itself but I was a bit behind so something in 0.9.23, 0.9.24, or 0.9.25 seems to be relevant to the symptoms I was observing. Thanks!