How can I do this smarter?

So I have 3 tasks I want to use virtual switches for

I want a way to reset the switches daily but switch B has to be reset after each time is there a way to do this in a single rule?

I know I could do a rule to reset the daily ones at say midnight and then alert if not turn off by say 9am. I will use nfc tags to turn off the switches.

Switch A - used at 6am daily
Switch B - used at 7am, 3pm, 9pm, 11pm
Switch C - used at 8am daily

Just make the next action after it turns on to turn it off?

Based on the information provided, I would recommend a rule that turns off switch A and C daily (use specific time as the trigger).

I would run a rule that turns off switch B with triggers that run it at the specified times, or an hour after.

That said, if they can be switched off right after they have been switched on, then the simplest thing would be to have a rule each that does that.

If you elaborate on exactly what you want to accomplish, it might be possible to share more applicable recommendations. :slight_smile:

This is what I was thinking as well.

So this is for medicine

So I have meds to take in the morning if I don’t take take them by a certain time I will send my phone a reminder and then I have an nfc tag on the meds bottle I will use to turn off the reminder.

Then I have 2 different meds for my dog
1 is a certain time
1 is 4 times a day

I will also use nfc tags to acknowledge each dosage given (I already have a TTS reminder) the purpose of this is so the TTS doesn’t go off if the dosage has been scanned.

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Switches work, but buttons might work even better since they don’t need to be turned off.

So the NFC code scan I assume would turn on the switch, or in this case press the button?

Then you could have a rule for each of those medications that runs at specific times and checks for last event. If the last event is over a specific range of time, send a notification. Otherwise, it would remain silent.

This would work with the “time since last event” functionality :

The nice thing about this is that you could go to the button’s event log to see all the times it’s been run, telling you when the medications were taken.

So I would have 6 rules
1 rule Each with a local endpoint as the trigger for the nfc
Then in the action it would press the virtual button

Then 1 rule each that would check the time since last event and first the notification if it has been over x hours.

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For the notification, I would do one rule per medication, rather than one rule per time, but you can see what works best for you.

Same for the NFC, one rule per medication. It will record the time it was scanned as an event.

if your using virtual switches ... why not set them as a montion switch and then they will reset themselfs every time there switched on

something ill always do when dealing with alexa and virtual switches

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Great idea