How are you using scene controllers?

I am looking to maybe pick up a Zooz ZEN32 scene controller, but the more I think about it... I am not so sure!

Most switches - or at least the ones I plan to get - support scenes through multi-tap. And even then I am not entirely sure how much I'll use them. One other thought was being able to basically control multiple zones of lights with one button. But my modern townhome has the light switches decently placed, and more often than not if I need to make an adjustment it ends up being two switches that are right beside each other anyway.

Then I think about leaving or bedtime where maybe I basically want to turn everything off - but of course a single paddle with a double tap solves this.

I think they absolutely have a place and maybe/probably I'm not quite thinking big enough - so how are you making use of scene controllers? The Zooz has one wired control + 4 unique buttons - and even then, they all support multiple taps! I don't know who/how you can make use of THAT many possible scenes/actions!?

I'm not. I have not found a use for scenes. My basic automation and rules are doing what I need to have done. The lights that are not automated are because my wife doesn't want them automated.

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I'm using a Zen32 to control a ceiling fan (all via Bond) -- big button for the light, 3 smaller buttons for L-M-H speeds, and 4th smaller button for off/reverse. So it works really slick for that use-case.

I just have one other place in the house where I have an open/free switch box with no associated load -- I put an Inovelli Blue there to control a couple basic scenes in that room -- no need for numerous buttons, so KISS instead.


For what it's worth, I am struggling, though with some success, to try and use my Hue Tap Dials to control both lighting scenes and my Bond shades. The challenges are a combination of double-tap detection and Hue's mandatory long-hold action of turning off the lights.

I’m doing something simular as @hydro311 , but for a sliding glass rear door. Big button controls the outside light the 4 small buttons control the open, close and rotation of the blinds at the rear door. Blinds are controlled by Axis Gear. I even printed little stickers to make it more obvious to β€œusers” what each button does.

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I use it as a multiple light switch to control various individual lights in a room.

I'm using them (tuya) to control sockets, combinations of sockets and in some cases run scenes (like TV/Aux on/off and other scenes if I live that long/am well enough - like TV swap source and other stuff) with things I can control through smartlife (like IR and RF stuff I have - aircon or sockets and so on).
A very useful option for controlling lights and sockets/switches and the like is the "toggle" command.
The problem is of course remembering which one of the 18 possible combinations you need to press to get the result you want...

They work well with hubitat although some of the tuya 6 gang switches won't 6 gang but end up as 4 gang switches due to the drivers.

There's also those weird little cube things that could be interesting if they come to work with Hubitat - 6 movements including slide and double tap...

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Did you ever coax a "Double Tap" event out of the Hue Dial? Got mine paired nicely thru Hue Hub + CoCo, and see everything else ("Tap", "Held", "Release"), just no DT. Will check the specs, of course, since it's probably not possible – i.e. something @bertabcd1234 's driver can't "see" – but figured I'd ask.

I am using a ZEN32 in a place where there was a switch controlling outlets. Was a perfect spot near the bottom of the stairs centrally located on the main floor. Wired the outlets hot (who needs switched outlets anymore?). Use one button for fish tank outlet plug, one button for a goodnight routine, one button to turn on family room and kitchen lights in the morning, and another button for seasonal use, holiday lights or the pool filter pump.

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I use the extra buttons on the ZEN32 to trigger some thermostat automations.

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I wasn't able to do it using HE via the Hue bridge and Coco-Hue. I have been able to achieve it using an MQTT / HA / NR setup I have for my IKEA on/off switches.

I used an NR flow to detect single taps in quick succession and respond to those differently to a single tap on its own. By that I mean that I don't believe the device issues a double-tap event to the hub, it needs interpretation, which I don't believe hue even does. I did try setting up the rule to detect the double-tap with the dial paired to the hue bridge and using the home assistant event stream like Robert uses, but there was enough lag (not very much, but enough) to be unsure if it would consistently detect a double-tap and for it to feel natural and snappy. This was why I went down the route of pairing it via MQTT.

The one path I don't think I have tried is pairing it to HE, at least I can't remember doing it...

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To be honest, I primarily use my Zen32 as an indicator panel in my MBR. At a glance I can tell if my outside lights, shop lights, etc. are on or the garage door is open. The buttons are programmed, but I don't recall offhand what for.

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