How Are The New Users Finding HE? (> 12 Month Users Need Not Apply)

Yes, and that quantity is a user adjustable setting within the Pushover app on each phone/tablet as well. One can choose to keep "All Messages" if desired. :wink:


Although I joined two years ago, when researching which security system I should put in my house, I bought my Hubitat at last years Black Friday sale, so I've had it a bit less than a year. I had almost no prior experience with home automation with the exception of a 15 year old programmable remote and about a year with a security system that has a very limited automation component.

  1. Wish the HE UI was more intuitive, with a lower learning curve. There is so much the HE can do, but often I just cannot figure out how to do it.

  2. I remain shocked and incredulous that the HE is seen as a hub only for controlling zigbee/zwave devices, and not as a hub for viewing the data those zwave/zigbee devices collect, and that HE thus has no native graphing ability. I've read all the pro/con discussions, and don't want to start one here, but suffice it to say the lack of basic data graphing integral to HE just stuns me. Clearly the device can do it as evidenced by some 3rd party apps.

  3. The discussion above regarding getting notices - I too was once trying to figure it out - but just figuring it out was complicated so I gave up before I started. It is one of those would be nice things vs a more core operation (ie porch lights on/off, etc). Same thing with installing this WebCore thing - gave up. It would be nice if the device did more out of the box.

  4. The community here is awesome and helpful. I really appreciate that

  5. Before I bought the HE, I sort of thought the HE could connect to almost anything, and in some ways, it can. What I did not realize is that many of those apps are from volunteer developers, who may then abandon their apps when they no longer have a need for the app. I am so grateful to the people who have the skills and willingness to create and share these HE apps, but also constantly concerned that one of the apps on which I rely might break. I wish HE would officially support apps that get abandoned.

The apps I have found most useful include:

  1. Integration to Abode Alarm
  2. Lock code Manager
  3. Hubigraph for graphs on dashboards
  4. Bond Bridge for sending commands to motorized Blinds
  5. Samsung TV app (facilitates turning off TV to trigger other things!)
  6. Airthings app

You have my eternal respect!!


I didn't know that - thanks. Found it in Advanced Settings.

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When done well it works well. Synology has good web email services built in. At least Gmail works very well.

@fritz @lflorack1 and others looking for email or text messaging...

Email: Email notifications via Gmail was recently added to this community integration. Its features are pretty impressive. I don't need email notifcations, but I use the email capability to send emails to my IPS text service (e.g., [phone], []) which sends a text to me. Admittedly somewhat confusing setup to enable the Google API...but worth the time IMHO. Plus you get amazing features to integrate Google Calendar and Gmail search into HE.

Community ntegration offering email only (which I also use to generate text messages). No complex setup, but does require an email address that doesn't require encryption (ie tls or ssl). I use my ISPs (Spectrum) provided email address, works perfectly.

I agree it would be nicer/easier if text notifications were included, but wanted to make sure you were aware of these two excellent options, in addition to others alread discussed above. :slight_smile:


Yep @danabw, I have them both installed and working.

Gmail Notification Devices was just made available in the last few days and was easy to setup. Sendmail was much more difficult to get working, requiring multiple attempts, due to ISP issues, finding an alternate email sending service (i.e. smtp2go), converting/encoding the authentication keys, etc.

I am not looking for assistance in this topic, I was just trying to respond to Simon’s request for perspectives of new HE users and suggest ideas about what Hubitat could do to make things easier for new users.


I came to Hubitat recently because of all the drama around SmartThings, shifting dates, and lots of unknowns (they really are terrible at communication). There were a lot of posts in the SmartThings community pointing users to HE. I was going to wait it out to see if the new "local" drivers and such made a difference, but then I had the internet go out for an hour and ran into issues as most of my lights are Hue and relied on the cloud integration. Don't have any Webcore or other apps/integrations that were being dropped, but the dependency on the cloud for even local items kind of irked me. Plus, just accessing the SmartThings hub has become increasingly slow and dependent on Internet working, even if in the same room on the same wifi.

Since migrating everything over to HE, I like the local first whenever possible mentality. I also liked that I was able to use some of the excellent community drivers to add things that I couldn't before (even if some are cloud based, like Netatmo). Don't really miss much except my Genie Aladdin garage door integration, and even that isn't a deal breaker. I still have SmartThings running, if only for the refrigerator that my wife bought earlier this year, but otherwise it never gets used.


Yes, and whatever else people want to discuss. I typically post these topics late a night (or early morning :wink: ) and am often pleasantly surprised by what I find the next day.... (and throughout the night...) I'm happy to prompt discussion where people can feel open to express their opinions and find out something new.... Not that this can't happen more generally throughout the HE Community, but sometimes these little nuggets of conversation can be tucked away in obscure topics, so it's nice to make them more accessible for people to find.

It's also nice to see people connect on solving a problem they had not been aware that could be solved, or to share their experience and discuss what is important to them.

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Could not agree more!!! One would think this wouldn't be such a hard thing to implement.


Personally I would expect email is likely a limited request.... Not to say it's not one that exists, or that those who request it would appreciate, but not a popular one in terms of the number of users..... So perhaps it is a case of what feature provides the most value that a number of users will need / want....? Rather than how easy it is to implement.

All conjecture on my part, but hopefully provides some alternate viewpoints that may play a part on how HE staff may respond to this and other requests...

LOL, difficult to judge the popularity of requests. As a long time member of this forum, I am unaware of any other request that has been requested more often. The funny thing is there are major updates to existing apps that nobody requests (just check out the latest rule machine and its use of tables in the rule creation interface), do I like the new interface? Sure. Did I see a lot (any) users requesting this change? Nope.

It is no secret that rule machine is the creation and "Baby" of Bruce. Should he be proud of it? Absolutely! Do I expect many more updates to RM that few, if any, users are requesting, before seeing more basic funtions added to the platform in general? Yes, I do. The reason for this is what I have seen over the past 4 years.

For me, it is no big deal. Not even sure, how much I would use email notifications if they where available. I am just unware of any other request that involves an improvement to the platform, as opposed to the support of a specific device (ie. Ikea buttons), that has been requested more often.

Lutron LEAP, would be up there with email as a request. But since nobody was requesting LEAP support 3-4 years ago (didnt' exist). I would say email is still well in the lead.

Lots of talk about HE supporting Matter, but I will leave this one alone. As I don't see the support for Matter (as it currently is today) as the same as support for email, which has been around since...well forever. LOL.

Fair reply... while I have been here a similar (though I expect slightly less) period, I wouldn't have said email was a major request, but can't claim to have a finger on the pulse over that time.... I would say that the while RM does likely hold a special place in the continued success of HE, I'm willing to tie many of the expansions in RM to more general requests for a simplified and consistent UI across the HE platform. Not all technical solutions come from a direct request for the exact technical outcome delivered, so I see the table format as a response to more general requests rather than a specific request.


Gotta chime in here again (sorry Simon). It seems to me that many new users tend to look at HE as a localised version of ST, ie controlling lights and devices from an app or dashboard.

Once when one gets more into it you realise that HE is really an automation control platform, then you can appreciate why a lot of effort is put into RM. The rule engine is really at the core of making automation as seamless as possible, your lights come on when you enter the room, your bathroom fan starts running when someone takes a shower etc , no user intervention needed.

Also never needed email, pushover is great especially when I was shown that it can deliver images as well so I get near real time snapshots from my cameras when triggered (handy to know if the postman actually delivered something or just more junk mail in my letterbox.)


And this is precisely why email is such a requested item. To accomplish the above would require a user to follow a thread similar to this one:

I would hazard to guess maybe 5% of HE users could implement the above, also these users probably account for well over 50% of the posts on this forum. Great feature, available to maybe 5% of HE users. Contrast this with email. I would hazard to guess, 100% of HE users know how email works and how to attach an image to an email. These users simply want to have a notification option they can understand and implement, as opposed to knowing there is a fantastic option that requires programming skills beyond their ability.

Having said all that, I love pushover, and use it as my main means of HE notification. I will probably setup up email notifications with a camera snapshot through my Synology as I think this is something I can figure out. Would not need to do this, if I could understand the above thread, but alas I can't. LOL

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The issue with email, and possibly other "common" requests, is that for it to be functional it requires a connection to the outside world. Thus fulfilling this request violates the principal of being able to function without the internet.

Except HE does in fact have system apps that connect with "cloud" services and email can be local - I run my own mail server for example. Even community derived apps can communicate to an external service like Flume.

I wonder if the issue is more for system security / integrity ... as opening up the lib calls may impact other things?

If that is the case, care to explain this built-in HE driver:

We may be starting to stretch the usefulness for new users.... Of this conversation that is...


Sounds like this topic will get closed.