How 3-Way auxiliary switches work

Does anyone have a JASCO ZW2002 or Ge 45610 auxiliary switch working in a 3-way setup?

I would like to know if the top of the aux switch is always to turn the light on and the bottom to turn the light off?

Or is it like a normal 3-Way where a change in switch position causes the light to also change state?


I have many but really not following your question. The Aux switch acts just like the master, for on off it turns the switch on and off. For dimmers you can hold up and down to dim.

I think I know what you are asking.

Those switches will have a master switch and a slave switch. The master will actually control the power. When the slave switch is toggled the master senses this and toggles as well.

It’s different to a traditional 3 way switch.

Thanks..... I guess my wording was lacking :frowning:

My question has to do with the operation of the AUX switch not the wiring.

Is the AUX switch a simple toggle like a "normal" 3-way? Where if the light is on whether you push the top or bottom depends on the current position of the switch.

Or is the AUX "push the top of the paddle to go on" and "push the bottom to go off"?

On a different subject, doesn't the forum seem quiet tonight?


It's definitely push top for on and down for off unlike the traditional aux switch.

And yes definitely quite lately.


Thanks. So I guessing there must be some sort of pulse generated by the AUX Switch.


I have taken apart the GE Aux switch. It is very simple. Just a basic voltage divider, if i recall correctly. Pushing up will return a different voltage vs pushing down.



Of course! the KISS principle!


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