HousePanel Dashboard App for Hubitat


Ho can I add camera? I have my camera like http://myip/mjpg/Deck/video.mjpeg


Look at the posts above at this link


Major update released tonight. Details described in the SmartThings forum


Is there no way to have hubitat inform housepanel that a state has changed instantly? I thought I recalled ActionTiles doing this, when a door would open it would immediately show up on my dashboard. It seems more efficient and faster to just use an event update vs. polling all the time.


Technically yes there is a way by subscribing to events and then making a web service api call to the Housepanel server. I assume this is how ActionTiles works. However, this is possible in ActionTiles because the smart app code knows exactly where the backend server is hosted since it is not on a user’s own web server. With HousePanel, I have no way of knowing where to make the call to since the code is on your own server. I considered implementing this anyway on only the Hubitat version by asking the user to specify their rPi IP address. This would work because the rPi and the Hubitat hub are on the same lan. It won’t work on SmartThings because the web call would have to make it through your home firewall to reach the rPi. Given all this I never pursued it.


Maintenance release 1.953 tonight that fixes a bug when removing rooms.


I found a bug in how I handle locks. I fixed it on the ST side. Will port it over to Hubitat over the weekend.


Cross posting a fairly important update that I announced on the ST forum here.



Hi all faithful HousePanel users. Today I have an apology and an important bugfix to report. The apology is somewhere along the way over the last month or so I managed to break the proper operation of switch tiles and locks. I didn't notice because most of my lights are dimmers and those were not broken. And I don't use my panel to operate my locks often. Anyway, long story short... what was broken was the GUI used to use the "toggle" command. I removed this in the main code but didn't adjust the groovy ST smartapp accordingly. Tonight I fixed this so you probably should upgrade to this latest release. If all your lights are either dimmers, bulbs, or light types then you would not have seen this bug.

A similar fix was done on the SmartThings side and a few minor bugs fixed in the process. Anyway, please update your files with this latest release if you are experiencing funny behavior with switches or valves or locks.

NOTE This update will require you to upload the updated HousePanelHubitat.groovy code to your hub.

Special request -- I stopped using Hubitat for my lights because I have old Zwave switches and they don't report properly so if someone could confirm that HP is working okay with lights I would appreciate it very much. I did test it with thermostats and music devices and those both work fine. Tests of other devices on Hubitat would also be welcome.


I will update my stuff tomorrow @kewashi and see whats what.


@kewashi I try to update and I did reinstall the HousePanelHubitat App and I'm getting the following:

utoken =
uendpt =
token =
endpt =
Array ( [timezone] => America/New_York [skin] => skin-housepanel [kiosk] => [hubs] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [hubType] => Hubitat [hubHost] => http://192.168.?.??? [clientId] => ???????????????????????? [clientSecret] => ?????????????? [userAccess] => [userEndpt] => [hubName] => CanHome [hubId] => 1 [hubAccess] => ???????????????? [hubEndpt] => http://192.168.1.???/apps/api/910 ) [1] => Array ( [hubType] => Hubitat [hubHost] => http://192.168.1.??? [clientId] => ??????????? [clientSecret] => ???????????????? [userAccess] => [userEndpt] => [hubName] => [hubId] => 1 [hubAccess] => [hubEndpt] => ) ) [pword] => )

Is there something that I need to do? Thanks


Yikes - I don’t recognize how this output could have happened. Stay tuned...


I couldn't replicate your error. Try again following these steps:

  • Open HousePanelHubitat.groovy in a text editor. Select all text and copy it to the clipboard.
  • Open your Hubitat hub in a browser by navigating to it's IP address
  • click on Apps Code on the left hand bar, select HousePanel in the Apps list
  • Select all text using "Ctrl-A" or "Command-A" on a Mac. Delete it.
  • Copy the clipboard contents with the updated HousePanel app in it from the first step
  • Click on the OAuth button in the upper right corner. Make sure this is enabled. Make note of the ClientId and ClientSecret parameters given on this page. If values are shown you can hit Close. If not, hit Update and then close. If you Update then any prior authentications will have to be redone.
  • When back on the main App page showing the code, select Save button
  • Open a Log Window in a new browser window
  • Navigate over to Apps (third menu item on the left)
  • If you already have HousePanel installed, select it in the list on the right. If not, click "Add User App" in the upper right corner and select HousePanel
  • This will open the HousePanel App based on the updated code. Select your devices and options. I recommend turning on Logging using the "Do logging" option
  • Once you select all your devices, then click "Done" in the bottom right corner
  • Once you click Done, the Log window you opened in the step above you show something like:


Make note of these parameters. You will need them plus the ClientId and the ClientSecret info from the Oauth step earlier in the Auth page on the HousePanel web page. CLose this website out and open your HousePanel rPI installed website at the designated URL. Note that this will be different than the Hubitat hub IP address but it should be on the same subnet. Before you do this step, make sure you upload all the server files to your rPI in the proper directory. Just upload everything - you can skip the groovy files but everything else should be uploaded.

Once you launch the HP website at say,
then you should do a Re-Auth. The Re-Auth page might show automatically but if it doesn't just click on the Re-Auth button on the bottom row. Then enter the info in the dialog box from above.


Made some minor but potentially helpful tweaks to V 1.963 for Hubitat users where more useful and consistent guidance is printed upon install in the log window. The lines now match the re-auth page. No functional updates made so this isn't a critical update but it should help some newbies trying to decipher what to do on the reauth page.


[RELEASE] HousePanel Version 1.964

Documentation for HousePanel updated to reflect all recent updates.

I also secured the web domain and will be placing all documentation and other information about HousePanel there in the future. For now it just has a copy of the bundled documentation page, but it is easier to remember than the old doc URL.

Check it out:


So @kewashi

Was wondering now that hubitat supports websockets. Would switching over HP from polling to using a websocket for status updates be a huge undertaking?


I think you would still need a man in the middle, e.g. a node.js app on a raspberry pi. Hubitat websockets work as a client and not as a server.
I have done exactly what you are asking for in a fork of the original Housepanel and it works great. I made some other changes to the custom tiles so it is not as easy to just give it to you. Let me see if I can separate out the changes needed for a websocket update and give it "cleanly" back to kewashi.


This would be ok for me. I am not sure about new users though adding another piece to puzzle may gunk things up too much. I guess it depends on what ken thinks about it in the end.

Everything seems to be well my ge zwave switch on this update. Locks seem to be working ok too.


I would love to see what you did in your fork. Sharing is the only thing I ask in return for keeping HousePanel open source and donation-ware.


I am working on it right now. I am merging your latest version into my changed one and want to test it "quickly" I will let you know as soon as I have that running. And I need to clean up one thing: Right now, my websocket implementation only supports one hub. That was all I needed. I should have something for your review no later than tomorrow.