HousePanel Dashboard App for Hubitat


Well ... I openly admit that HousePanel isn't designed to be polished plug and play solution. It is far easier than setting up an OpenHab solution so that isn't really a fair comparison. With that said, it does require server setup expertise or at least a willingness to learn and patiently work through the ups and downs of getting a personally hosted website on a rPi working. HP is basically just a PHP smart app that requires PHP with cURL installed and a directory setting that allows files to be written by the web user. If you make it through those three steps the rest is easy.

No hard feelings if you don't have the time or patience to work through these steps. A good alternative for you might be SharpTools which is a hosted solution and drop dead easy to set up and use. The tradeoff is it is a cloud based solution relative to what HP would give you as a local only private solution. With that said I think @josh has done an awesome job with SharpTools so I think it might be a good option for you. And I think the built-in Hubitat dashboards are a fine solution if they meet your look and feel requirements. In fact if they do what you need, I wouldn't recommend fussing with any other external dashboard at all.

Here's a recent example from a user on the SmartThings forum showing what is possible with HousePanel just so you know what you are trading off:


believe me i get it. for not knowing crapola ive done alot of things similar. just everyone always says its easy just do this n that but it always turns into but for that n this. i did everything in the guide on a fresh raspbian pi and it doesnt do anything. for me at least


That is the error I got until I ran this command.

Restart apache2 after this.


I have sudo apt-get install curl in the instructions, so I updated this to include php-curl. Thanks for catching this mistake.


Well whadda ya know now it works. Now I'll have to learn how to edit it. Like don't need digital and analog clocks. Sizing it down for a tablet display kinda stuff


Congrats. Now comes the fun part. Customizing!!!

Deleting clocks is easy peazy stuff. Just click Edit more and then click on red button.

Q - why are you using two different user id’s ?


I am?


I don't see anything that says edit


Bottom right corner.

And @joevberg and @Vansmak



looks like you enabled kiosk mode. You'll need to edit hmoptions.cfg and set kiosk to false.


There is an easier way -

add ?useajax=showoptions to your webpage url line



I plan to start doing releases only on Friday's unless something urgent arises. This first Friday features a few bug fixes for Tile Editor and a tweak to the thermostat and video tiles. Nothing major but a solid maintenance release.


FYI, the way you mentioned showed the kiosk check box but it would not stick.after unchecking then refreshing it always went back to checked. After editing the file it worked. Thanks though. How to skin?


That means your web server doesn’t have permissions to save updates to your hmoptions file. You should fix this with a chmod


cool. i am going to install this on an existing pi i have that is running pihole and pohole uses port 80. any easy way to get this and pihole on same pi?


I posted a new install script here


i will in a few



I updated it - please try again. Had a bug in the first release.