Hooray for Hubitat Communication!

I just wanted to say Hubitat has me happy for yet another reason. The communication from the hub itself to the outside world! I recently enabled web history monitoring and am dealing with a couple companies (so far) about why their devices are reaching out to various OTHER companies.

My Hubitat though? It is ONLY reaching out to the specific ones I expect based on the Apps and Drivers I have added. Nothing extraneous that I have found.

So thanks Hubitat for helping keep my trust.


Yeah, I audited mine for a few days at least as well. I didn't see any nonsense either. I haven't checked it over longer periods of time than that but I have a feeling it would be clean as promised.


Any common devices you are using that are acting bad you wouldn't mind posting here?
I haven't gone to this depth yet as my routers don't make this easy (different problem, I'm not happy with the Orbi Mesh)

Actually, the most curious one was my Ambient Weather Station. It was contacting Amazon and Baidu. But their support almost immediately responded with why (testing for internet) and how to disable it.

I can chime in one, of a slightly different nature.

I've got a Fingbox I was very happy with, until very early this morning - they had a multi-hour cloud server outage, and the box went into a complete tailspin (alternating between "updating now!" and "there's no internet!") and became completely useless, until their server came back online.

(Yes, I've complained. Yes, I'm looking for an alternative that's not quite so stupid. Yes, it made me appreciate my Hubitats even more!)


I saw that outage notification and wondered why. If you find a good alternative, let me know please!


Sorry for dumb question, but how do you enable web history monitor on Hubitat?

Not a dumb question, but it is not a Hubitat feature. This is a feature of my router.