Honeywell ZW3010 Z-Wave Plus Dimmers from Costco

I've spent quite a bit of time running this down and have a configuration that works. Thought I'd share it here in case it helps someone in the future. I recently had an old GE Z-Wave dimmer go bad and replaced it with one of these Honeywells. I bought a few as spares a few months ago when Costco had a sale. When I paired it, it came up as a "device." I changed the driver to Generic Smart Z-Wave Dimmer and I thought everything worked. After a few days, I realized that when I turned the switch on/off physically the status did not change in dashboards. I downloaded Botched1 driver and had the same issue. Then I realized that there was a built-in driver for GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Dimmer. Switched to that, and everything seems to be working. I do think that S2 security might be at the heart of this, but when I paired it, I accepted the defaults and got here. Hope this might help others.

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Thank you for this. When I set mine up a few months ago it defaulted to a GE Smart Fan Dimmer. It worked but glitched every now and again. So hopefully this works for me.

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