Honeywell Z-Wave (Plus) Plug-In Smart Dimmer - any issues?

These are on sale for $20 on the Jasco site Module dimmers

I was thinking of replacing some of my very old Leviton modules and wanted to know if folks have had any good or bad luck with them.



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No issues with this.. Very basic device.. I have one

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So I have the ZW3107 and am using the 'Generic Z-Wave Plus Dimmer' type. Whenever I set the dimmer to fade to 0, hubitat doesn't see that as off. Then when I hit the off button on the page, the light briefly comes up to brightness and then turns off. Not sure whether I imagined this last part but I thought I saw it a couple of times.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong or what I should be doing instead of fading to 0 (over 30 seconds)?