Honeywell Vista 21IP Integration

I'm coming from an HAI Omni Pro II background and would like to know if the Vista 21IP has the ability to do some of the things an HAI can do. Maybe with Hubitat?

Like, set up automation scripts that control relays that can trigger off of just about anything.

Example scripts: Alarm away is set: 1. Start a 30-minute timer 2. Close relay that closes a water valve. The 30-minute delay is there in case the washing machine is running when you set the alarm.

30 minutes after sunrise close a relay for 3 seconds, the time it takes to open shades the amount I want to be opened.

10:00 PM every day check garage door zones. If open, close a relay 2 seconds to close the garage door.

I have a Tuxedo keypad and under the lighting icon I can turn relays on and off but under the scene creation, I can only control Z-Wave devices.

Is there any way to set up elaborate automation scripts controlling relays with the Vista 21IP?

I integrated Hubitat with my alarm panel using ADT Pulse.

  • ADT Pulse looks like a keypad to my ADT system
  • I added 2 Zooz Zen 16 Z-wave plus devices into the ADT Pulse system
  • I added 2 Zooz Zen 16 Z-wave plus devices into the Hubitat system
  • I connected the relay outputs of the ADT Pulse Zen 16 to the inputs of the Hubitat Zen 16
  • I programmed the ADT Pulse system to active the relays when certain events happen
    • Entry doors open/closed
    • Front door motion
    • Alarm set to Stay Mode
    • Away set to Away Mode
    • Fire Alarm
    • Burglar Alarm

Unfortunately, it's 1 way as the ADT Pulse system cannot use the contact closers to set the alarm to Stay/Away. But at least the systems are connected, and I can drive automation off of the 6 alarm panel events listed above.


I have done some integration with the Vista 20, and it should work with the 21IP as long as the commands and status messages are the same. I do not know of a way to control relays with the vista or poll individual zones, but I do know how to get enough basic integration set up to do what you want, albeit from the HE side.

The Envisalink 4 daughter board is the option I chose. It mounts within the Vista enclosure and looks like a keypad to the panel. It uses an ethernet connection and telnet. The Vista integration for HE was never finished - the guy who wrote it abandoned the project and although someone has made the code available he isn't maintaining it. I have managed to fix a couple bugs and gotten it to work with some limitations. I can read the status of the system, arm the system for stay and away, disarm it, and so forth, but I cannot read the status of individual alarm zones or control alarm devices. However, I can use HE to detect whether the alarm has been armed (or fails to arm) and use that to trigger rules. For instance when I leave the house the system will automatically lock the doors and arm the system for away, then send me a text message letting me know everything did what it was supposed to (Life360 for presence, Twilio for sms). Or as I walk out the door I can say "Alexa, goodbye" and all of the above happens. I can also tell if the system is ready to arm, though I cannot read a specific zone. The integration was designed to do that but it doesn't work and I am not familiar enough with Groovy to debug to that extent. I ended up putting duplicate contact sensors on the doors I need to know about. It works fine.

I have also done some work to integrate the Envisalink with HSM. Again, the integration was supposed to do that, but does not. That allows me to use a couple of Ring keypads as additional arm/disarm devices, which is quite handy.

If you're interested in learning more let me know. And if you want to tackle the code that is supposed to handle the integration I'd be happy to lend whatever assistance I can (which is not much).

Thanks for the info.

Can any of this stuff be done if you get monitoring and use Total Connect 2.0?

Total Connect 2 (the alarm version anyway) is useless for integrations with HE. Not sure about their capabilities beyond that. They claim IFTTT integration but it is horrible, unreliable, undocumented, and unsupported. Resideo actually says in their FAQ (not quite in these words) "we thought of everything so there's no need for support. If it doesn't work call your alarm company." Ever tried talking to an alarm technician about IFTTT? Yeah, good luck with that. Not to disparage alarm installers but their scope is limited and IFTTT isn't in it - at least not here.

However... the Envisalink board also includes monitoring capabilities! You can either self-monitor or pay a very small fee and have them do it.

I got one of my features working. I close the water valve relay when armed away and open it when disarmed. I can't put in a 30-minute delay though. From all my searching on the Internet, it looks like Home Assistant in combo with Alarm Decoder may be the best way to program relays.

I looked at Alarm Decoder and rejected it because of the extra HW involved, but I noticed there's an AD HE integration, though I cannot speak for its functionality.