Honeywell TCC Total Connect Comfort Drivers

That's an Attribute in the Parent/Child version and has a value that is inherent to the changes made from the conversion. I have chosen to focus all development on the Parent/Child version. I have backported most benefits to the Single code.

I have both versions installed on a couple of hubs and use the disable feature to dictate which runs. :smiley:

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 7.51.53 AM

Well, now please if you can help and explain how to create this Parent and Child device, because the drive I'm using I don't know if it's the right one. Where can I find more information and download it correctly?

It's in HPM and you can have them both installed, as long as only one of them is active at a time.

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 10.07.21 AM

Thanks for your help, I've now managed to install the drive to control parent/child.

But my connection problem continues.


To secure the login/password/id, I had already tried it directly on the website.

But in the logo I see:

dev:48322024-07-02 12:33:33.965 PMinfoAC Master Thermostat TCC transaction: failed
dev:48322024-07-02 12:33:33.957 PMinfoAC Master Thermostat TCC transaction: retry login
dev:48322024-07-02 12:33:26.976 PMinfoAC Master Thermostat TCC transaction: retry login
dev:48322024-07-02 12:33:25.373 PMinforeceived Poll request from AC Master Thermostat (Poll Interval: 10 mins)
dev:48322024-07-02 12:33:24.799 PMwarndescription logging is: true
dev:48322024-07-02 12:33:24.797 PMinfoUpdated AC Master Thermostat (4831-Thermostat_0)
dev:48322024-07-02 12:31:44.286 PMinfoAC Master Thermostat TCC transaction: failed
dev:48322024-07-02 12:31:44.278 PMinfoAC Master Thermostat TCC transaction: retry login
dev:48322024-07-02 12:31:37.177 PMinfoAC Master Thermostat TCC transaction: retry login

And if I now try to connect again via the website, I get this screen.

Hola @csteele,

I'm going to adopt the new drive that works with children, because I want to add more thermostat and I think it's smarter.

I still have the problem of not connecting, and I've increased the time now to 15 minutes to see if that solves it.

Now something that catches my eye is that the temperature is in fahrenheit and my system is set to celsus.

In the previous drive this correction had already been made.



I'm wishing my memory was as strong as yours :smiley:

Can you turn on debug logs and then hit refresh, please? You should get a log line like this:

dev:2471 2024-07-08 03:48:59.682 PM debug received Refresh request from Honeywell Thermo Downstairs to Honeywell TCC 'refresh', unit: = °F, fromUnauth = false

The "unit" will display what the driver is getting from the Platform. That value is stored in "location.temperatureScale" and that is tested in about 20 places in the driver. In other words, the screen cap you provided is what it looks like in the GUI, and is read by apps and drivers as "location.temperatureScale" as just a single letter, either C or F

It's used like:

float val = (location.temperatureScale == "F") ? cd.currentValue("heatingSetpoint") - 1 : cd.currentValue("heatingSetpoint") - 0.5

[Which is checking and if it's F then reduce the heat setpoint by 1 whole degree but if it's Not (because it's a C) then reduce the setpoint by half a degree.]

I think you are saying that ONE of the 20 or so places it's checking isn't right or that there should be one more check.

Problem has just been solved, I had to increase the time to 30 minutes, I finally got a connection, and then the temperature updated to C, and I can control the AC. Sorry for the inconvenience, but with such a long time I'm going to have to rethink some of the AC management rules.


Honeywell puts you in a condition where they 'deny' everything for some time period. Once you've backed off for long enough, you can go back to a more rapid polling. This hits me all the time during development. I'm testing something and clicking refresh at a rate that gets me "banned". I have to go get a drink, get rid of a previous drink, or something similar, then I can resume my testing.

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Well, next time call me to have a drink together, oops, test it out together :slight_smile: sorry.


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