Honeywell TCC Total Connect Comfort Drivers

I am currently running a Honeywell IAC Prestidge with the EIM and Redlink internet gateway modules. Its the contractor version that has the extra inputs for the 10,000k resistors for supply and return temps as well as the automatic humification. It also uses the Honeywell TCC platform.

The nice thing about it is that it will watch supply and return temps so I can monitor performance. The unit is 18 years old and still kicking which is why I dont want to replace it just yet. The problem is - the data is hard to get to. You have to go deep in the service menu to find it. Honeywell has always promised better access to the data, but they have never updated their app. I am good at cookbook following.. but this is way way way above my paygrade :slight_smile: perhaps those way smarter than me can see if this is something that can be done?

My questions are two fold.. is is possible to get the TCC integrated into hubitat for use on a dash board? Openhab and Smarthings have plug ins that connect to the Honeywell TCC. If I could do that then half the battle is won and I will just deal with getting the data like I always have.

What would be ideal is a situation where I use an ecobee to monitor performance controlled through hubitat. From what I have seen the ecobee stats are great. I know ecobee used to make a module that would be configurable for a 10k resistor to report temps but I cant seem to find any info on it now. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!


A search showed three threads:

Any of them suit?

I've contented myself with a Hubitat to IFTTT switch. I still use the built-in thermostat schedules but I use IFTTT to raise the temp when the house is empty and "resume" the schedule when we return (our lower the temp if it's the two or three days of Winter I have here). Since TCC is a web integration, I don't think I lose much by giving up local control to IFTTT.

thanks! I totally dropped the ball on that one.. cant believe I didn't find any of that

Can you share any info on how you're doing this exactly? Do you keep track of the temp outside to determine if you're changing the heating set point or cooling? If it's cold outside, I want the temp to drop 2 degrees, if it's hot outside, I want the temp to raise 2 degrees. I haven't quite figured out the best way to do that with IFTTT/TCC and Hubitat.

In case folks are interested: [RELEASE] Honeywell TCC IFTTT Driver

Honeywell TCC is cloud, IFTTT is cloud. The flow is Hubitat to IFTTT to TCC to IFTTT to Hubitat?

The existing/community driver does TCC 'direct', so it must be that IFTTT makes decisions better than RM?

what is the existing community driver.. I tried this one with no luck..

" Total Comfort API

  • Based on Code by Eric Thomas"

I use this one:

It works for me BUT my needs are ultra tiny.

I have found it shows up in Hubitat's Thermostat Scheduler:

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Thanks so much.. works!

Do you get any auth errors? Also suspect those issues were causing auth issues in their iOS app, though they have been doing maintenance. I was having reliability issues with one version; IFTTT is supported by Honeywell, so I would suspect its reliability to be more so than an unofficial integration. I’ll try your version to see. Thanks.

I get auth errors when 1) I poll too quickly, Honeywell has a limit; and 2) when Honeywell is down. They are inspired by Samsung/SmartThings I think :thinking:

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I updated the repo with v1.2
"option of polling interval, off through 60 min. added txtEnable for Description logging."

I tested with off, 1 min, and 2 min poll interval. My personal use is poll of 60 min.

I also added the IMPORT URL to the top line.

Working great for me compared to a previous version. Using 30 min poll times. Thanks for your efforts!

So when you update do you just replace the code with the new?


I don't remember who made the suggestion originally but it's such a good idea it's been taken up by many of the active coders... add a line at the very top with the URL of the code.

You would simply go into App Code or Driver Code (in this case) and click on the code you intend to upgrade, copy the URL from the top line and click the Import button. Paste the URL there and hit enter.

However, it does mean that the version of code HAS that line in it. It's too new, I suspect to be in the code you're using. On the other hand, it's easy to put here too :slight_smile: :

(Don't copy the * IMPORT URL part, I suspect that's obvious...)

I updated the repo with v1.2.2

I removed the in-driver choice of Temperature Scale and it is getting that value from the Hub's location data. You can set the scale (C or F) in Settings: Location and Modes

Thanks for the updates. Curious if you have auth failures very often? I see it in the logs daily, even with 30 min poll time. Guess I’ll go to 60.

Yes, often. Especially at lower poll intervals. And sometimes it's consecutive, and those I mark down to Honeywell web server problems/outages. I am currently using 60 min. As I've said before, I could go with a once a day poll since I only 'touch' it twice a year.

But when I do testing, naturally I lower polling interval to 2 min. That's where/when I see the vast number of auth errors.

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@csteele question on ugdating code, I did that, but the previous existing devices still tell me they are old... do I have to delete and rebuild everything ?

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