Honeywell T6 Z-wave

I'm migrating over from SmartThings, and have the above listed thermostat. I cannot find a way to have it show up for the Hubitat. I deleted it from ST, and everything I can find says to go on the thermostat to the menu, then Z-wave, but there is no such option. I tired in the secret menu options, and nothing there either.

What's the model number?

Model number is TH6220WF2006

As I'm looking into this, they have the T6 Z-Wave, and the T6 WiFi. Looks like I have the WiFi version.

Yup. That’s why I asked for the model number.

Also the T6 Pro Z-wave is "TH6320ZW2003", and supports 3H/2C stages. The "TH6220WF2006" supported 2H/2C, and they never made a z-wave version in the T6 series that only supported 2H/2C.

Old, yes. But, to correct the record and for anyone reading the setup experiences of others just before installing this device, the Honeywell T6 Z-Wave Plus part number is actually TH6320ZW2003/U

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