Honeywell T6 PRO Z-Wave Thermostat Always Idle

The Dashboard tile for the device always shows "Idle". I am using the driver listed for the device. Is a fix coming? Thank you.

Take Dashboard out of the picture for a minute. On the device's page in the admin UI, what do you see? Go to "Devices" on the left, then click/tap into the page for your T6. Look at "Current States" in the upper right. If this information is correct and Dashboard is different, then you have a Dashboard problem (unlikely but possible; a refresh may fix the page, though shouldn't regularly be necessary). My suspicion is that you will see the same information here and the driver just isn't parsing information back from the thermostat correctly. (If you turn on debug logging for this device and watch what gets logged when the thermostat goes into various operating states, that is something staff could use to help figure this out; otherwise maybe someone else with this thermostat may have more insight.)

Checked the device events log and all I get is "Hallway Thermostat humidity is 46%RH" just the RH% data but will investigate further.....thanks......

I meant "Logs" (in the left-side menu), not the device event history, and with "Debug logging" enabled on the device page. This will show you everything Hubitat gets from the device. If you see debug logs when the operating state changes but don't get a corresponding info log (assuming you leave those enabled) and event created (which you would see where I'm assuming you were looking), then the device is probably sending something the driver isn't parsing or isn't parsing correctly.

Perhaps @aaiyar could comment as I think he has one.

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OK, so I didn't do my required reading/searching. :slight_smile: Looks like staff are aware of operating state not updating correctly with the T6 and are working on a fix. A future update will likely help you.


@mrstanley -

As indicated by @bertabcd1234, you've identified a known issue that is being fixed. I believe @mike.maxwell said the fix will appear in a future release. Maybe not the next one, but the one after that.

In the meantime, this thermostat works perfectly using the "Generic Z-Wave Thermostat" driver. Can I recommend you use that instead?

the fix will release in 2.2.0

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Thanks....I may try the generic driver but Mike's driver is working fine. BTW I love :cupid: this stat​:grinning:

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Appreciate your work....Will be looking for the next rev....

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