Homeseer WD200 multi-tap buttons

I have the Homeseer WD200 which offers the option of multiple paddle taps registering as different action buttons. Is it possible to enable these in hubitat? If not, is there an app (e.g. webcore, etc) that would enable this?

More specifically, I want a triple tap to arm/disarm the HSM. I was thinking there might be a way to turn the triple tap into a virtual button, and then assign that virtual button to arm/disarm HSM.

You will need to port over the smartthings device handler to hubitat to gain these features.
For whatever reason no one has done this yet.
I plan to look at it as well because I also use these switches.

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Hm, I'm surprised to hear that given that we can make use of the switch's status LEDs through Hubitat already.

I don't really have any programming experience so I think that will be above my skill level, but I'm excited to see if anyone finds a way to bring that capability to this platform!

Been waiting for this as well, I would also like the ability to change the default color of the RGB lights from white to blue to match the rest of the switch lights.