Homeseer WD200 LED Color and Ramp rate

Restriction is blocking the event.

Here's my simple case:

Notice RESTRICTED in red at the top. The rule will not be available for events until the restriction goes away. But the Event has already occurred! The lock (test lock in my example) is already true. When the restriction goes away:

There's no evaluation done because it's event driven, and the event of selected Condition did not change.

The solution is to move the Restriction to a Condition.

When the time comes (a minute from now) the Time goes true also.. and is an event, causing the Rule to be evaluated.

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awesome.. thanks! that actually makes sense and it worked like a charm! even added one for the garage door as well.

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Thanks for your efforts in converting this ST HS-WD200+ driver! I have several of these around the house and this certainly makes the transition from ST a little easier. I do have one question, I haven't been able to change the default colors of the LEDs. The driver states the correct color and I've saved changes as well as pressed the configure button numerous times without any change. Am I doing something wrong or did something break in the conversation?

Yes I have the same issue and havent had anytime to figure it out yet. I was going to send a message to Homeseer...have you tried contacting their support?

No I wouldn't know where to begin that conversation, I thought maybe I was doing something wrong in the configuration menu. If you get it working, let me know! Sure would like to change them to blue to match the rest of the switch lights in the gang.

Now I just need to find a custom driver for their new Fan Controller.

Thanks for the response!

@mboarman: In case you did not catch it, there is one for the Fan Controller now:

Looking to install at least one of them this weekend.

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I'm going to release a dimmer driver as well to pair with the fan driver. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. The dimmer driver will have equivalent functionality to the fan controller essentially. I bought a handful of the dimmers during May sales event. I just haven't installed them yet. You'll know when I do install them because the driver will be released at the same time.

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Keep us posted! I have a semi-working one, but would love one that has the ability to set the default led color to something other than white! Great work!

That's great to hear by to have several of the 200s and 100s and now four the fan controllers.. great little devices and the fan controller driver is pretty cool because when the fans on I have the lights green when the fans off I just have the one lit to show where it is. I for one like I'm sure a lot of others appreciate your efforts

I didn't get a dimmer installed to test this but here it is in case somebody wants to do the testing for me.

Also, here is its "release" thread:

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Hi, I still new to HE and very new to the HomeSeer WD200 dimmers.
I am wanting to setup the HomeSeer dimmer leds like we use to have with our old Control4 dimmers. When someone is in the Theater room watching either (TV, Blu-Ray, PS4, Nivida) the led would go from blue to green.

After doing some searching I was informed that Custom Commands were exchanged for Custom Actions. But when I started to do the setup I didn't see the same options like @DeveloperDavidB
posted above (*).

Could someone give me any guidance on what steps I need to take.



This is what I have setup so far (if correct) for Trigger.

But from Action, here is it looks like I can Run an Action, Not create one.


That is what you are looking for; Run Custom Action. You will select Run Custom Action, and then I always select Actuator as the capability. Select the switch you want to affect the custom action on (Homeseer switch) and select setStatusLed from the drop-down box. Create 3 number parameters.

Here is an example in one of my rules:

@spalexander68 Thanks, I'll take a look at!

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You were halfway there! Don't be afraid to experiment.

The Run an Action will allow you to select any methods (functions) available in the driver.

Thanks for those steps, they helped a lot!

Now I have to go back and lean how to use "3 number parameters" correctly.

Thanks again!

Remember the 1st number is light number. 2nd number is color and 3rd is blink/no blink.

Use the driver for the WD200+ from @codahq to show the numbers for the individual lights and colors.



I was just looking at this, that is in the top of this main post.

After spending some time reading and trying to make the LED of my Homeseer WD200 do some light, i want to share the step by step i made for myself
Driver used because it give me a 12 button WD200!!! :

From this thread : [Release] HomeSeer HS-WD200+ Dimmer Driver

In the Actions section of your rule
Select : Action Type to add
Select : Set Mode or Variables, Run Custom Action
Run Custom Action
choose your WD200 dimmer
Put the LED number : 1 press TAB on your keyboard
As the WD200 have only one led you have no other choice than put 1
Add another parameter
Put the number for the color you want (0 to 7), TAB
Add Another parameter
put the number : 0 0 is for No Blink or 1 for Blink.
Done With this action

Thanks for this detail. Very helpful!