HomeSeer WD-200+ dimmer switch

I just migrated from ST to HE and I've found a few threads discussing how to control the dimmer and LED homeseer switches, so I assume some drivers have been developed for supporting these devices on HE. But, I can't seem to find the drivers.

So, does HE support the HS WD-200+ switch? Thank you.

Seems to be on this list:

Thanks for sharing that with me. I see that the name of the drive is "HomeSeer WD-200 Dimmer" but I'm not seeing where I would find that driver?

EDIT: This is especially helpful because I see a couple other devices on this list that I also needed drivers for. Now I just need to be pointed in the direction of the github repository (or wherever they're being kept).

If they are on that list, the driver should be built in to Hubitat. The correct driver is usually chosen automatically at pairing. If not, you can manually choose it under "Type" on the device page in the admin UI.

Ah, I see. Adding it to the ST hub was such a pain that I assumed the process would be similar here, it was actually just as easy as any other device. Thanks!