Homeseer to Hubitat

Does Nest Secure, Nest Remote Sensors, Nest Cameras and Nest thermostats all work with Hubitat? I am a Homeseer user and what would really sell me on switching is integration with my enitre Nest ecosystem..

Also, does Harmony Hubs, Rokus, MyQ, Ambient Weather, Google Chromecast and the new WD200 Homeseer changing color dimmer switches work with Hubitat?

Nest Secure and the Nest (Thermostat) Remote Sensors do not have a public API to the best of my knowledge, so no integration is possible at this time. Nest Cameras, Thermostats, and Protects (smoke/co2) do have an integration.

Harmony has a community integration (still under development, but very functional)
MyQ has a community integration.
Chromecast has a built-in integration in (currently beta)
I believe the WD200 also is supported (not sure)

Not aware of any Roku integration at this time.
Not sure on support for Ambient Weather but many other weather stations are supported through community development, so I wouldn't be surprised if it is.

Some searching through this forum should answer most of your questions :wink:

I'm interested in your reasons for wanting to switch ?


It is really only if I could integrate my Nest Secure but it doesn't seem like I can. Right now it looks like no hub (Homeseer, ST, Hubitat, Wink, etc) has the Nest Secure integration. The moment one of those controllers interested with Nest fully we'll be the best day of my Smart Home life and we'll win me over entirely. I want to be able to fully control everything from one controller as opposed to using the nest app to control my security and my Homeseer app to control everything else.... I'm also to invested in Nest to switch and do a zwave security system, although I may have to do this but I like the future nest brings with Brinks and home monitoring for only 19/mo and cell battery built into my best guard vs. Nothing like that for zwave security.

You might be waiting a long while... Google wants to keep that a Google feature...

Which is a huge reason I would never buy a Nest Secure...

You’d have to run a separate RPi, but you’ll probably want to have one for other community integrations as well anyway. If you run Google Assistant Relay, you can at least control the Nest Secure via cloud from Hubitat with anything the Google Assistant would accept as a voice command to Nest Secure, such as arm and disarm. The phrases that Google Assistant Relay can use to silently control Google Assistant devices, can be activated from Hubitat by Dashboard, buttons, automations, etc.

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