HomeSeer or Hubitat - Why?


That’s how I had it setup on my own Pi so when I had to reset it up the wife just wasn’t having it, it took me forever to to get it even close to a redamentary sexurity system the wife wasn’t going to go through the reset up and the testing again.


Yeah, it was just a suggestion if you're already a user. Not something to pursue if you're not.


If you still have the Zee let me know if you want to sell it.


Just revisiting this.

Hubitat allows users to write their own apps and drivers. How is this different then Homeseer?


I'm not sure I follow the question.

Users can write their own apps with both systems. Albeit Hubitat is far easier to develop for. HomeSeer isn't "contained" so the apps can utilize anything the author chooses.

"Drivers" are a different matter. Hubitat has the user contributed driver capability that HomeSeer does not. So any user can write a driver interface in Groovy for a given z-wave/zigbee device that the platform may not natively support. This is a huge plus that Hubitat and SmartThings have over other systems.

With HomeSeer you have to ask and wait for a particular z-wave device to be supported. However most already are with z-wave.

There is no native ZigBee support with HomeSeer (at the moment) but there are plugins to bridge systems to provide additional protocol/device support (Hue, deCONZ, Vera, Hubitat, zigbee2mqtt, jeedom, ISY/Insteon, RFxCom, x10). HomeSeer is a modular plugin based system which is more of a "Controller of Controllers".


That, the hub cost and a few hundred $ to me are insignificant considering how much we spend on switches/sensors/lights. Hell a google home hub is more than a hubitat hub and I have two them and there will be more on the way. My point being don't make this choice based on cost. Make it based on which system you like better.

I like the previous post that said to try both and see which one you like best for you. The one that you are happy with will be your best bet.


Yeah no kidding... I did an over haul of switches a couple months ago... expensive!!!


Oh follow up FYI - HomeSeer has the Zee S2 on sale for $99... My advice is that is fine for very small installs... be AWARE it has a 5 plugin limit!


Sure, but if both Hubitat and Homeseer serve the same purposes and reliability, why on earth would I go with Homeseer.


You wouldn't :slight_smile:

Only if it offers more of what you are looking for....


If you want to pay a bazillion dollars for paid plugins on Homeseer, go for it... LOL. When I was on Homeseer the cost of the plugins I needed FAR outweighed the cost of the system.

It didn't outweigh the cost of the switches/hardware - but it was many hundreds of $$$, and not insignificant. Why do you think @jeubanks likes it so much? :smile:


Yes plugins (most) cost. HomeSeer takes a 30% cut of the plugin cost. This is part of their operating model and has kept them in business for the last 20 years... so.. while discussion is ongoing in another thread around "Premium Services" and Hubitat's financial future... this is a viable way for Home Automation systems to make money right?

I don't have any HomeSeer switches (in use) anymore I switched all of my home stuff to Insteon... I still have 2 of the HS switches for testing with. And a box of GE and Zooz if anyone needs switches :slight_smile:


Where all that money goes is beyond me (I assume in their pockets and nowhere else)...

Because the interface sucks, zigbee support sucks (getting better w/deconz to be fair), and you still can't add user drivers - and yes, there is still a need for user drivers even with zwave devices. Lame.

They already got all the money they will ever get out of me.


This is actually a big consideration for all involved in home automation, otherwise everyone would be using control4, or savant....


Question, is there anyway to get x10 support working in Hubitat?


Actually it’s not so straight forward - I was fortunate enough to have a large Crestron system back in the days their config software was freely available. Crestron technical even came to see it and were very impressed, trying to enlist me as an integrator.

But they later decided to restrict their conig software to official partners only so I could no longer update or develop and enhance my system. Their suggestion ? Pay one of their dealers to do it. Their dealers were generally clueless at that time about IP etc so... I moved to other systems like HomeSeer, HA, Loxone, Vera, Hubitat etc.

I still have a ton of Crestron devices, now with out of date firmware... such a shame but I am an enthusiast who wants to program and own my own homesystem. Wasted $$$$ .

Savant, AMX, Crestron, Control4, etc.. all of no use or interest to me now.


Yup. I ripped a 6 month old Control4 system out of my last house when I bought it. I have no interest in being beholden to some 'authorized dealer' to make changes on my system.


That is the business model of those systems, and I would include (to a slight lesser extent) Homeseer as well, to get you so financially involved into their platform that you will tolerate the lack of advancements/updates/integrations/ allowing for more open control, because of the financial loss you will incur by switching to someone else, all while the company rakes in the cash. It's all marketing.

It's why I personally have disdain for Vera, as to a lesser extent than Homeseer, they marketed their (high end) controller (VeraSecure) as the pretty much the end all controller that was open to almost every communication protocol (therefore no risk of purchasing devices that weren't future proof), all localized (which is a lie), and endless user configuration capability, Instead it's came with 128MB of storage capacity with 70% already used by the UI, and any potential update/add on plug in risks bricking the unit from lack of space, now a $300 paper weight. This is shown everyday as each Vera user joins Hubitat here complaining about how Hubitat is NOT like what they are used to by them"putting up with" from Vera (1 update in almost 2 years).

Hubitat on the other hand (because of their business model opposite of those) SOLELY relies on the customer satisfaction being maintained to continually expand the hubs they sell either to current users expanding, or by word of mouth of how satisfied they are with the platforms operation.


Especially when they cant even do the job, are miles away, and charge ridiculous amounts... It is an Achilles heel for these companies with home owners that are tech savvy and are driving the leading edge of home automation. These companies now only support yesterday’s devices, especially where cloud integration is involved.


I actually enjoyed Vera for a while, and Fibaro HC2... but then ...

Currently I feel anyone promoting a ZWave or ZigBee general HA hub as a security solution in the ‘alarm system’ replacement role is misrepresenting. Similarly anyone using one is misguided.

ZigBee and Z-Wave are both the best and worst things that have happened for HA adoption and satisfaction in recent years.