HomeSeer Multi-Sensor HSM200 HUGE TIP!

I had a specific need for a device that did temp / motion and line powered to get the benefits of a repeater too. The HomeSeer Multi-Sensor HSM200 is pricey but solid. At first install, I thought the PIR was defective. Stayed in active. The driver for it has no settings for motion, only lumen and temp report cadence. The default is one hour which I thought was a bad idea since it is line powered and negligible packet traffic on the Zwave network to change to 5 minutes on both. By coincidence the motion alert cleared after several minutes - about 5, not a coincidence. After noticing this I set the lumen / temp report frequency to one minute. Poof - the motion alerts now clear in about 30 seconds. The lumen / temp report frequency is very much used to calculate the motion rest time - shorter they are the shorter motion reset gets. It is line powered so its 1 minute for lumen / temp and motion resets in the minute or shorter range. Very pricey but solid. Wish the drivers had more options for motion - there are none so I wanted to share this if you were experiencing the same issues. Have a ball with HE. It is the hub for the pros. jj

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