Homeseer Multi-Sensor 200

@bcopeland in the process of migrating from C4 - C7 and after adding all my S2 repeaters I noticed the default driver for the HomeSeer Multi-Sensor does not have color control like your older community driver running on my C4. It was add as S2 Auth if that matters. Trying to do all the main repeaters that way, figured it was best.

Before coping the older driver over (trying to stay as stock as possible), I want to find out if there a fix or issue I should be aware of? Thanks

since I posted this just before the holiday it could have been missed. So bump and tag @bcopeland to see if we should use old driver (not sure if it affects secure pairing), or if the built in driver will support the LED light of the sensor.

This LED is piece of junk.. It only supports Full on or off of Red Green Blue.. I didn't include it because it would be a kludge trying to fit it into established capabilities.

That figures, the wife always likes problematic devices. would using the old driver muck stuff up? Or do you know of a suitable substitute (motion/nightlight/does not look like camera/ ZW or ZB is fine?

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