Homeseer light sensor flex

I need some help with the Homeseer;ight sensor.
I have a rule where it the light on my dryer goes out and stays. Turn off virtual dryer contact/switch.
In the Alexa app.. when virtual dryer contact closes announce :dryer finished."
I use VIRTUAL CONTACT WITH SWITCH for virtual dryer.

This worked for months, then stopped working.

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I have the same issue as well. i spent many hours trying to fix this. it seems like now the sensor will only turn on and off when it senses light it does not stay on. i would love a fix for this.

It started working again and stopped today. I have a feeling room light is being seen. I will try recovering the sensor so it only seems the dryer timer light.

After reading that you may have issues with lights. i decided to put the sensor on a different light. The original light was a green light with words that went on and off with the dryer i put it on a blue light and it works. The only thing that is not good it is on the power button so i taped it on with fabric sports tape and some duct tape and its working and no light goes through as i used a flash light to try to trigger it. good luck on your journey lol

Thanks, I'll let you know how it goes.

Stopped working how? Please elaborate.

Does not announce when dryer is finished

Do you have logging turned on for the rule?

Logging can be enabled for events, triggers and/or actions to better understand what’s not functioning as intended.

Yes, here's the log.

That’s a screenshot of the log for your sensor device.

The rule itself can also create log entries, but you have to enable that in the rule’s configuration page.

ETA: If the logs for the device suggest that the sensor is turning on/off when it shouldn’t, then that would be the first thing to troubleshoot. If not, then the log entries for the rule are the next place to look.

It's now working again. I readjusted the tape over the sensor.

If you run into issues again, take a look at the rule logging to help clarify further whether it’s a device issue, or rule issue.

Will do, thanks