Homeseer HS WX300R2 ¨Failed¨ after Power Outage

ultrashort story: Mi Homeseer WX300 forgot his instalation/parameters

Hi guys,its me again already :stuck_out_tongue: something weird happen to me a couple of months ago

Background: this homeseer switches can work has a switch or dimmer,you need to define wich mode you want to ¨¨install¨¨switch or dimmer, and this procesess needs to be made ONLY BEFORE the inclusion to the hubitat and can not be do it after the inclusion was made,

i bought a couple of Homeseer HS WX300 R2,the installation was fine,no problems, both of them was set to switch mode,no neutral mode,(my home does not have it) i made the inclusion to the hubitat easily and work for several days without any problem, but one day during an storm the power failed,nothing extraordinary,after a few minutes the power return, one of the WX300 just keep working as usual,no problem,no rules lost...but the other?...

the other WX300...when i pushed a wireless button,who has a rule to toggle the lights of the WX300 ,didnt respond,i was thinking the worst,then i went to the WX300 location,push the WX300 and he was working (at least was not burned or something)but i notice it was acting has a dimmer,then in the hubitat in the device page,was selected has a switch driver (as always) but it was not responding,after a few minutes it ocurred to me to change to the dimmer driver and now was responding...but how?? and why?

its a bug?defective unit? i search and i did not find no one with my problem,
in theory its imposible to change from switch to dimmer mode,or viceversa after the inclusion :dizzy_face:

I had to exclude it, select the switch mode again and include it again to the hubitat,hasn't been a power outage since then but im afraid to lost again the configuration of the WX300 and lost the rules i want to assing to the switch

Ps both of the has the same firmware
Ps2: please excuse my bad english