HomeSeer HS-WV100+

I'm looking at the possibility of moving from SmartThings to hubitat (hub should arrive Wednesday).

One of the things I'm not sure about is whether I will be able to move my water shut-off valve or not.

It is a zwave-plus HomeSeer HS-WV100+.


Looking at the details of this device in the Z-Wave Alliance it seems to be a rebranded "Leak Gopher Z-Wave Valve Controller" from Leak Gopher / Leak Intelligence, they even run the same firmware version, mine is actually on 2.9 which is the same version HomeSeer is using (as per their forums).

HomeSeer Valve Controller

Leak Gopher Z-Wave Valve Controller

I have the Leak Gopher one and it works fine apart small problem with the Dashboard not updating automatically:

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Ah, good deal! I was wondering who really made it - I knew HomeSeer didn't.

I only use it in emergencies, so the dashboard not updating/refreshing automatically is just a minor annoyance. Maybe that will be fixed at some point in the future.

I paired it tonight. It originally showed up as "device", which doesn't have any commands. I switched it to Generic ZWave Valve, and it works. I cycled it open and close a few times.

Since it is Zwave Plus, though, I wonder if there should be a "smart" generic zwave plus valve type to support the 'plus' features...

Nop, that only applies for non smart switches and dimmers, valves is not needed.

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