HomeSeer HS-WD200+ how to change the Default LED color?

I just installed 5 for the HomeSeer HS-WD200+ dimmers as well as 3 of the HomeSeer FC200+ Fan controllers. I really missed having the LED status feature from when I used Control4 back in 2007.

I noticed in the HE setting for the Fan controller there is an option in Preferences to set the Default color of the LED, but I don't see the same option listed in the dimmer setting.
How do I simply change the Default color of the LEDs from white to blue.


(HomeSeer FC200+ Fan controllers)

(HomeSeer HS-WD200+ dimmers)

I have both of those switches as well. I use the driver made by this forum user and works well and has some other functionality the built-in driver does not.

He also made a driver for the fan as well. Here a link for it:


@spalexander68 Thank you! That helped a lot.


Glad to hear!


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