HomeSeer FLS100 Hubitat Scheduling

Fighting a losing battle with Rule Machine 4.0.
Have 2 HomeSeer FLS100 Floodlight sensors. These are hardwired and connected to LED floods.
They work as designed, but I am having a horrible time controlling them via Hubitat Z-wave.
Support will not help. Why? To use ANY functionality of the FLS100, I had to install a HomeSeer driver.
This driver, among other important functions, gives a virtual switch to turn the floodlight (manually) on/off. Hubitat will only “help” if the generic driver is installed, and that drive (generic-zwave-motion) has no functionality.

Have made some progress, creating a simple rule to turn the floodlights off 2 minutes after firing.
I am trying to create a rule that does the following:
If motion is detected between sunset/sunrise, turn on, then turn off after two minutes.
eems pretty simple, but I have tried at least 10 different ways to accomplish this. The XOR in the conditional statement gives me a “between two times” option – perfect – except I need this as part is my IF statement, not THEN.
Bear with me – I think it should read something like below, sensors are MS07 and MS08;

IF (MS07, MS08 ACTIVE) AND (TIME > Sunset and <Sunrise) THEN
((MS07, MS08 TURN ON), DELAY 2 MIN, (MS07, MS08 TURN OFF))

Seems straight forward but I am lost on HOW to accomplish this.
The Rule Machine 3.0 looks like it supplies easier to use parameters, but how is this same scheduling accomplished in 4.0?

Next step is to add these two sensors so they fire with my other outdoor sensors. This has also proven elusive. I can get it to turn itself on/off, can get it to fire with my other sensors, but then it does not fire the attached floodlight. Trying to get it to do both. Since the HomeSeer driver has that on/off function I know it can be done with the correct logic. Attached screenshot shows the last remnants of where I stopped. Tried doing TIME first, ng, then MOTION, ng, after 10+ tries, looking for guidance.

First off.. What driver are you using?

I use lux as the limiting factor for my Rule with the 2 HS FLS100, but you could easily just use time per your request... the 3rd "Virtual Sensor" is controlled by a contact sensor on the driveway,