Homeseer flex sensor driver pilot error

it is showing an message in the event log when it detects light but no status change or attribute in the device comes on, and also no event is logged in the device.. so obviously something is wrong with the stock driver.. see attachements .


hang tight .. excluded and re-included and this time a child device appeared when i changed to light sensor.. did not do it last time as no child device appeared or was in the logs as well.

working now.. soory probably my issue

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ok still have an issue @bobbyD

I hooked up another of these for our underground dog wire.. here the light goes out when there is an issue and the wire is broken.. I reversed the settings in the device handler, but it is not working correctly.. it still turns swith on when the light is on..


got this one working too. took 3 times to try configure to get the options to go through i guess. it wasnt ever waking up.

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