Homekit out of Beta (you can now share locks/doors/lan devices!)

Cool now that locks, garage openers, and lan devices are allowed in homekit integration.


Oh... so it was a Beta thing you were mentioning in that other topic. I hope that along with improvements to HomeKit Integration, that the UI changes that affect HPM, where anyone using HPM will upgrade it BEFORE upgrading the Platform.

I know I'm going to be spending the rest of the month writing responses pointing to the Topic. :smiley:


I wonder if that's why I was getting a time out on search

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No.. the timeout on search is because Dominic's Fuzzy Search via an Azure service is down.

I'm able to disable it as an option, of course, but that will take an HPM update and then when he fixes it, assuming he does, another HPM update to restore the option would be needed. I hate bothering people that much. :frowning:
Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 10.19.30 AM


Was getting ready to slap your hand until I realized that .134 had been made public... :rofl:



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So it says: "Added AirPlay TTS support;". How does that work?

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Add the airplay integration and it creates devices of your selected homepod/homepod minis.

Be aware though there is usually a 3-6 second delay


it creates devices of all your SELECTED homepod/homepod minis.

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Please go ahead and do that. We all know he's going to need to be slapped again soon anyway. :wink:

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Kinda hoping I could replace my Google Mini's. But the delay is kinda bad. It does work tho.

It's bad when you're measuring it, but if it's in an automation, you don't see when the delay starts. It's rather a lot like Sunrise/Sunset. I'm sure there are pedants that have compared actual sunrise down to the 1/10 of a second to when the Hub starts a sunrise event, but it's unlikely that most of us know to the second, when sunrise ocurred. :smiley:

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Yeah, it is.

The delay will prevent its use in some scenarios. But there are many other use cases where it probably will be OK.

Oooooo GIF

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For my use it's fine. I really only use them to notify if a door or window has been left open under certain conditions.

I have a motion detector outside the deck door. When the dog wants in he trips it and my Google says 'Bark, Bark', which lets us know to go let him in. The delay kinda good and bad in that instance.

Also use them to announce mode changes, or a door where we don't see it, such as the basement, opening. Delay here maybe not so good.

My dogs just let themselves in (we have lever handles). I just wish they would close it.


I'd have to put the handle about 6" from the bottom. 7 lb Chorkie.

Did have a Cocker Spanial once that would just poke a hole in the screen..:slight_smile:

That's a cat, not a dog... :rofl:


I don't my hubs up and running, so I can't see this for myself. Is HomeKit out of beta because it is now an official Apple-certified integration?