HomeKit - No Setup Code

I have installed the HomeKit Intrgration app on Hubitat, go to iphone HomeKit, Add Accessory, click on more options, under nearby me I see my Hubitat hub, select it, recieve the Uncertified Accessory message click add anyway, then the Setup Code window appears..... I can not locate a Setup Code anywhere!! Its not on the back of the Hub, nor at the bottom App screen as the setup documentation states?

Ideas? what am I missing?

It won't be on the hub, but it should be in the app. Did you make sure the integration wad enabled and at least one device selected? The code should appear at the bottom of the integration app window/page, in a section just above the "Done" button and all that.

OK I have not been able to get the app to see any of my devices, hence the code problem I suppose.
Thank you

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