Homekit integration - missing devices

I'm just starting to play with the beta homekit integration and noticing that none of my Hue or Kasa devices are showing up. I realize I could also integrate those directly with apple but I hate having many to many relationships of devices to hubs, I find that leads to all kinds of challenges maintaining. Is there a reason they don't show up as options to include? (similar to the alexa integration, could have an option to exclude).

I am seeing the same issue. Iā€™m missing some of my Shelly devices but not all.

CT bulb

Dimmer 2

Anything on the hue bridge is not exposed. You need to join the hue bridge to Homekit directly (code is on bottom of hue bridge). Kasa should be there but some lan devices do not currently show up.

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LAN devices are not allowed via HomeKit bridges like this; Apple wants them to have direct integration. This includes the Hue Bridge devices (though first-party Hue bulbs can be added directly to HomeKit via their Hue Bridge, as mentioned) and Kasa (many, though unfortunately not all, of which can also be added directly).

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Yeah, that sounds like typical Apple, allow for the absolute minimum of external integration and control. That is frustrating as I have enough trouble keeping all of my devices straight on one hub, let alone two.

Thanks for the clarification. Not sure how my Shelly Dimmer 2 snuck through.

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