HomeKit Integration Approval?

Has Hubitat received Apple approval for the HomeKit intergration I want to ditch homebridge on the synology and remove one more point of maintenance, the only thing I see is that they don’t support Mesh devices, and Ring cameras. Any issues with the C8 running the integrations.

Thanks for the help

With 2.3.6 they took the integration out of Beta status, and also have allowed previously unsupported / blocked devices such as locks and LAN integrations. This is an "uncertified" home bridge.

The plan is to go for Apple certification on a copy of the app which would more strictly follow the apple rules, which means no locks, garage doors, and some other device restrictions. This will be a separate app from the current uncertified solution.


So if I understand correctly the integration would be split from certificate of approval and non certificate items in a separate app? And is it possible to run Homebridge for a few items not supported on Hubitat, and also use the HomeKit integration at the same time for all the supported items?

Thanks in advance for the help

I think the current app will stay as-is and support basically every device you have in HE. For those who wish to have an Apple certified bridge, they could use the more limited app. Or you could run both apps at once if you want.

Yes you can use Homebridge along with the HE integration. Any device should be able to be shared to Apple though the current uncertified app, but there might be some devices that work better through the Homebridge integration. I would move just a few devices at a time and test them out before removing them from Homebridge.

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Yes that works fine. I recently reinstalled Homebridge solely to get my Honeywell EvoHome system running in Homekit (the Homebridge EvoHome plugin worked better for me)

Thank you for the help I will give it a try running both!

all working fine thanks for your help! One Question I have under advanced there are a couple of items that popped up saying unpair 2 controllers, I did that and it took out all my devices and had to go back and redo them all all 100. So after I repaired them I am still getting that message, everything is working as expected. Any idea what this is referring too?

Its not a "message", it is an advanced feature. I am not totally sure what it does or why it is named that but it clearly says under it that it breaks all pairings. Best not to click it unless advised to by support.

I am guessing it means it unpairs HE from Apple Home. So it is a linear progression to full nuclear reset when trying to fix a broken integration.

Restart > Unpair > Reset Integration (keep QR) > Full Reset

I use HomeKit (via Apple's Home App) almost exclusively as a Dashboard. I've spent a lot of time over the years keeping it up to date as I add/refresh Hubitat devices. I still run two instances of Homebridge and have considered a third, but haven't made that experiment yet. :slight_smile:

I can certainly migrate away from Homebridge and use Hubitat's (uncertified) version. That might allow me to shut down one instance of Homebridge. Then I could migrate most of my devices from the uncertified Hubitat version when it arrives.

Since the end result is exactly the same as I have, I'm finding it hard to find the time. :smiley: But it sure seems like an amazing set of solutions that in combination, get a great integration. If I went all in, I'd have 2 instances of Hubitat's Homekit, one certified, one not, and an instance of Homebridge.

If I was starting today, I probably wouldn't have learned all about Homebridge nor gotten it working, since it's not easy with it's text JSON config file. I'd have gone straight to Hubitiat's version, I'm sure.

Homebridge can be setup pretty much all via UI now once you get it installed. Its actually pretty easy now-a-days.


As much as I loved HomeBridge, I was very excited when I was finally able to shutdown the last of my four instances. :slight_smile:

I just wish Hub Mesh devices could be added to HE's HomeKit app, that would allow me to retire my HomeBridge container. Yes I know I can add HomeKit to all my hub's but that is no ideal in my situation.

thanks for the information, appreciate it. I will leave it alone, the integration seams to work faster than Homebridge did, the upgrades in Homebridge in a docker was very much a pain to keep up to date. Let's see how it goes I have about 100 devices and I use the Home app on my mac and iPad iPhone for easy use of the devices.

Thanks again.

I'm curious why? I have HomeKit on three hubs. It is no more traffic than if you went via mesh or direct.