Homekit integration, all my Hue lights are listed as "Incompatible devices"

HomeKit shows all of my Hue lights as "Incompatible devices".

Is this expected behaviour? I was expecting them to be accessible, but I'm really only feeling my way around this and not quite sure what it should be doing here.

@SirDale Yes, that's expected behavior. It's considered a "lan" based device (the hue bridge) so that is not allowed to be brought over by hubitat. Now, what you can do is connect the hue bridge directly to homekit. The code is on the bottom of the hue bridge. Add it to homekit as an accessory and all your connected devices will show up.

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Are accessories different to a device? I've already imported the hub as a device...


Maybe stupid question from me. Is not allowed by who/what? I have several LAN integrations in my hub (ie. google nest, IKEA puck remote orver zigbee2mqtt, nuki lock). In my setup Hubitat is integrator of different kind of devices (zigbee, z-wave, LAN) and also serving automation logic. HomeKit is only UI. So question here is Is this state permanent or will it change in future (in non-beta version)?

@milan.duracka By apple. It's mandated for certification which hubitat is going for. Apple also mandated barrier devices such as locks and garage door openers can't be bridged either. You can however by pass that by using virtual switches and connecting your hue bridge directly to HomeKit ( code is on the bottom of th hue bridge)

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Thanks for clarification and tip how bypass at least something