Homekit / Hubitat notification?

Is there a way to link Habitat notification to Homekit. I am hoping to somehow link Habitat notification to send to Homekit where it will use Apple device notification app / banner.

Not with arbitrary text, no. You can create notifications certain kinds of device activity in the Home app, however, if that's what you want, but your options are limited.

Is there a reason that using the Hubitat mobile app or another solution to receive a psuh notification won't work?

I am Deaf and it would be cool to see banner notification of doorbell button pressed on my Apple TC or Macbook Pro etc .

Hubitat can push you a notification to your iPhone or iPad via it's own notifier or via Pushover which some of us use.

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@techbill Pushover will do banners as well as vibrate your phone.

A little bit of research and it looks like Pushover has a way to get desktop notifications. You would just need to have their web app open in a browser tab.

For the Apple TV, I think if you can get your doorbell integrated into Homekit properly it should show on there already. I have my Ring integrated through Homebridge and HK and my Homepod will alert me if someone rings it. I don't have an AppleTV but I assume it has a way to alert for doorbell similar to Alexa?

What kind of doorbell do you have?

You don't need Pushover's web app opened. You just need Notifications set to allow the app to send you notifications.

Is that an App? Thank you!

Amcrest AD410. They donโ€™t have Homekit support for it but I do have it set it in Hubitat where push button flashes some lights jn our rooms.

I want to add notification to it too.

Yes, download it from the App Store. Built integration with Hubitat

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I use scrypted to get my amcrest cameras into homekit.


You dont happen to be running a Homebridge server do you? Thats probably going to be the only way to push the doorbell to Homekit itself which would be the best way to get it on the TV. If you have any sort of always on PC/Server it is pretty easy to setup.

I am not having any luck figuring out other ways to get alerts on the ATV, maybe someone who owns one could give some feedback?

Here is pushover: https://pushover.net/
The mobile app is a one time $5 but AFAIK there are no other fees.
Sounds like it would work good for the desktop and probably give you more options for mobile alerts.

Found instructions in the docs: Pushover | Hubitat Documentation

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Yes I have homekit set up on my AppleTV. I used Homebridge via RaspPI for a years now and I have removed about everything off Homebridge and transferred it over Hubitat Homekit app.

Only thing that remaining on Homebridge are my door locks and garage door opener,

I am beta testing a amcrest Hubitat driver right now but not yet released by the developer. It also support Dahua cameras since Amcrest is Dahua rebranded.

I did see the script you mentioned before and my understanding that I need to run another server for it.

Its sort of a round-about hack but you should be able to use this homebridge plugin: GitHub - Pythe1337N/homebridge-http-doorbell-v3

Create a virtual doorbell with it.
Then from there you could directly hit the endpoint it creates from Hubitat in RM.
OR you could share a switch to Homekit that turns on when doorbell is pressed and then add a HK automation to ring the doorbell when the switch turns on. The endpoint option seems easier.

It should act just like any doorbell would integrated directly to HK which gives you options for notifications when it gets rang.

This plugin is even more advanced, I think if you can get it configured correctly you might be able to get a video feed of the doorbell to HK. I am using a similar plugin specially made for Ring and it works awesome on my doorbell. GitHub - Samfox2/homebridge-videodoorbell: Video-Doorbell plugin based on homebridge-camera-ffmpeg for Homebridge.

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Thanks for sharing this, I will check it out!

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Iโ€™m running this on the same raspberrypi 4 that Iโ€™m running homebridge. With Scrypted integration Iโ€™m getting face recognition, car, animal and package notifications into Homekit from my old Amcrest cameras. But there are some limitations. The 50 GB iCloud+ plan supports a single camera, the 200 GB iCloud+ plan supports up to five cameras, and the 2 TB iCloud+ plan supports an unlimited number of cameras. Video content doesnโ€™t count against your iCloud storage limit.

Look like pi4 are out of stock everywhere.

Only ones available are those marked up above retail price lol .

I am running homebridge on pi3 and originally was planning on upgrading to pi4 to give the pi3 to my son to play with.

Hope it not too long before it become available again.

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I got tired of waiting for Pi4 to become available without a price markup so I went and purchased a N100 instead - Amazon.com

It's a nice minipc and It had Windows 11 Pro on it but I removed it and installed Ubuntu server instead. It allow me to run a bunch of dockers and Scrypted was one of the first dockers I ran on it but I had other docker on my old Pi3 which I brought it over to this new minipc like the Homebridge etc.

The minipc ran flawlessly so far for me.

I been testing Scrpyted for about 2 weeks and I don't need the NVR function but I was hoping for a better AI support than what my camera came with. The AI does work however the Homekit notification is screwy I think.

Like on Apple TV, I don't wanted to be notified about vehicle instead I only wanted be notified about people but on my iPhone I wanted to be notified both people and vehicle. What screwy about it that it seem to notify of every motion detected even on Apple TV will display "Motion detected" message when a vehicle passed in front of the camera but it'll say "vehicle detected" on iPhone.

I already have a 24/7 NVR that still humming along hidden in some spaces in my house so I don't need a NVR. I just wanted to find a way to improve the motion detection AI function.

The new minipc does have a m.2 slot that will accept Google Corel card so I will either try the Scrypted NVR Plugin or try another open source AI detection software called Frigate when I get the Coral installed. the minipc does have the Intel iGPU as well too which AI can rely from.

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Honestly this is why I got Camect. It does it all. The AI seems to be very good. When I first set it up I was getting notified of cars every 5 seconds lol. Once I configured I only wanted to see certain things like racoons, deer, people, unknown animals etc and drew in my look at and ignore zones it's been humming a long perfectly. It directly integrates into hubitat for motion sensing etc. Eventually I'll be combining it with my Rachio to deal with critters and what not once we get the yard finished.

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