HomeKit (beta) integration not staying connected on C-8

Update: since rebooting and turning OFF restart every hour option it has remained stable and connected.

I had the HomeKit integration working on my C-5 and there were no problems. Since migrating to my C-8 it is showing not responding sometimes. The only thing that seems to being it back is to reboot the hub. When it is connected all works great. Not sure why losing connection. I do have the restart option switched on in the integration app.
Should I just do the “nuclear” option or ?

Is the restart every hour option set?

Yes it was. But when I rebooted the hub this last time I turned it off to see if it makes a difference.

I too am having this same issue with the c-8. Only thing that seems to fix for me is restarting the hub. I had the toggle for restarting the integration toggled off. I turned it on to see if that makes a difference.

What platform are you on?

I am not sure I understand what you are asking here. I am using the new c-8 he and have installed the HomeKit integration (beta).

Click Settings then Hub details. It will show what platform version it is.

Also what version of Homekit are you running?

Thanks for that. Looks like version 1.2.9 build 147. I just got it Saturday and did a firmware update first thing.

All apple devices are running 16.4 and I did update HomeKit to the new framework.

You should be on Click on settings, then Check for update. (Do this through your regular pc browser)

Looks like my platform version is: Platform Version

And right now it just stops after 30 or so mins?

It was stopping after a few hours. I toggled that switch for the HomeKit integration to restart every hour and restarted the hub. Now it seems ok. I am on the 3rd day in a row where I have not had the issue.

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