Homekit and Temperature

I have 2 Aeotec motion sensors and one Third Reality temperature sensor all marked in the Homekit beta app as being Temp sensors but none of them appear on the Home app. Is there a reason?


Did you enable those sensors in the HomeKit app and then enable Hubitat with you HomeKit account?

Are you sure they are not there? The sensor devices are not presented as "dashboard" tiles.
Use the ... menu to go to your default room, then look at the little status icons across the top. You may see then in there, which you can then get into the device settings and move them to the correct room and rename if needed.

They never showed in the Default Room I just found them I had to go into the Home Settings and then there is a Sensors selection and there are options to turn on notifications from various sensors. The two Aeotecs do show but not the Third Reality. So still no luck with that one.

Once I set the Aeotecs to allow notifications then they appeared in the Default Room.

For the TR sensor, if it has extra attributes other than temp try disabling everything except temp, then uncheck it, wait a second and re-check it. One of the capabilities might be causing a problem. The sensors seem to be finicky, I had to remove one of my temp sensors as it kept going unresponsive.

Will give that a try. Takes a few minutes to get going again once I restart integration.

2022-12-29 09_50_36-Window

That's how it's set now. Turned off battery and humidity but nothing on Home still. Not the end of the world but wanted to report it in case it can be fixed.

Those temp sensors don't show up as separate device tiles. They're usually in the top stripe where contact sensors and security alerts are. Click on the temperature reading, and it will expand to show several of them.

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The Third Reality ones are not showing in Home at all.

All that shows in the Sensors list is:

2 old Smartthings contact sensors
2 Aeotech motion sensors
1 contact sensor and I don't even recall the brand.

But the Third Reality one is being exported.

Which driver does it use?