Homebridge Plug-in


I’m seeing slowing with Homebridge enabled. Slight, but it’s there in the UI. Devices are normal speed. Will see if coming up on 2:06 there’s a significant slowdown. If there is I think I’m going to live without Homebridge.

Does any know if Trådfri Outlets can pair with a Hue Bridge? I might try them as presence devices. I’d only need two.

[Edit] Results for and Homebridge are a slightly slower UI observed at 1:38am, but devices operated normally.

At 2:09 AM the UI was the same speed but the lights took around three seconds to respond. By 3:09 AM the speed of the lights was normal again.

For me this very minor slow down in the UI speed and the 3 second lag for one hour at night is acceptable to continue running Homebridge. The reinstallation of the app seems to have dramatically improve the situation at this point in time. It’s good to know that reinstallation of the Homebridge app seems to resolve the situation and it’s quite a simple fix. However there is an influence due Homebridge being installed, there’s no question, and it may be more severe on larger systems than mine, and/or compounded by other custom software that is also applying a slight slowdown for whatever reason.

So it can’t be ignored that once I have Homebridge removed, even though I have other custom drivers and apps installed, the hub is operating completely normal with no lock ups when Homebridge does not exist. This includes having the Chromecast integration beta installed. Something to consider.

[Edit 2] See post 469 below



So glad you posted this. I suspected Homebridge as my culprit for slowing things to a crawl and making hub UI unresponsive. I decided to delete the app, remove my persists data, modify config.json for reinstalled Homebridge and now things are running fast again.

How long between reconfig and catastrophic failure have you been seeing?


I had my HE crash last week. Nothing showed in the logs. I contacted support and they suggested I soft reset HE and everything seems to be working well now, including speed of the hub on web pages:

Just one observation if you do this, I found I had to pair my devices again but everything was still there. Devices might have paired by their self if I had waited longer (devices such as Harmony Hub just needed going into the device page and saving settings)


@Townsmcp yeah I was doing this but it became having to reset daily.


I don't know. I've only just come to accept that it was my issue recently after testing so many other factors I suspected more, and which turned out to not be causing any problems (Chromecast Integration Beta is the exception, that definitely was causing an issue until I removed it and re-installed).

However, last night (was having a party so the time is unknown :woozy_face:) it slowed early in the evening. I didn't delete anything on the Homebridge server, only reinstalled the Homebridge app on HE. As of 20 minutes ago it was still slow, and I timed it at 10 seconds to react. All I did was disable the Homebridge app and the speed returned to normal, no errors of any kind in the log. Something isn't right with the app and

I have a second hub, and I heard that moving it to another hub and connecting via virtual devices is stable. However, I use the second hub for beta testing, so I don't want it on there as it might taint the results. I could just disable, test and re-enable, but at this point I think I'm going to pursue other options for presence as that's the only critical part of it for me. We have automation and buttons around the house. None of us really like controlling the house from our phones to be honest, so having it available for any reason other than presence isn't important enough.

Maybe next version of Homebrige will resolve the problem and I'll revisit it at that time.


I am not using any Siri automations for Presence. I know that Homebridge is the app slowing the hub to a crawl. Since 2.0.7 seems I was rebooting daily. I just deleted the app and reinstalled in HE and everything is working again.


I hear you! I am currently using Locative, ST presence, and WC presence. I am using Combined Presence to tie them into one Virtual Presence and then I setup my rules for the one virtual presence. This seems to be reliable. It also seems to be related to which type of phone is more reliable. For instance, my daughter has an iphone 6 and is using WC presence only. This seems fairly reliable. I use iphone 7 plus and I have to combine ST, Locative, WC presence sensors as just one isn't reliable. And hubbie uses iphone 7 with Location, WC and ST. I find his WC presence is fairly reliable.


The fact that this stuff is still even happening to you guys a year later is kind of sad.
This App does nothing but relay device events to Homebridge plugin and that's all.

It doesn't run any scheduled tasks. So the fact that an event driven app like this can cripple a hub is not the fault of developers or crappy code its plain and simple a flaw in the platform.


@tonesto7 I have seen this with other apps that relay to a third party. WebCoRE, InfluxDB are two examples where I witnessed similar issues. So it very well could be the platform but then the question becomes is the platform architected to support these type of apps or is there a better way to do what Homebridge and other apps are trying to do? I wonder if using the web socket would be better to listen for changes from the Homebridge. The app establishes the devices to listen for but the websocket communicates the changes?


I have homebridge running on 2 of my 3 hubs and neither one has experienced any kind of slow downs or lockups. I wouldn't blame homebridge for what you are seeing, maybe another app?


@cstory777 That is the issue though. I went through all the other apps. Enabling each one independently doesn’t cause any slow downs until I get to Homebridge. Now after my reinstall from 3 days ago I have had no additional issues. So this could also be all the upgrades in HE and Homebridge was the sacrificial app. No clue outside that it was the app causing slow downs on my hub.


Is Homebridge 2 way as in something I have available to Homekit can show up in HE? I have a Honeywell T5 thermostat that is available in Homekit. Can I expose the Thermostat to HE through Homebridge?


@aaron what exactly is your setup? Ie, what is homebridge running on? How about your HomeKit hub? Is it an Apple TV if so what model? Or an iPad? Is the device hard wired to your lan? Or Wi-fi?
How many devices have you got being pushed to homebridge from HE?
Do you have sensor devices such as motion sensor? If so, how many?


Yesterday, 10 second delay on lights when homebridge app is enabled. Disable the app and light response is 500ms. This isn't personal, so I hope no one is feeling offended here. I'm not criticizing anyone's skills, and just want everything to work in harmony. For whatever reason, at this time it is not.

I'm not in a position to say where the problem is, platform vs app, but just as @aaron discovered, nothing else but disabling the homebridge app changes the situation.

In fairness, I have other devices enabled in the app, not just my presence sensors. Maybe one of them is the culprit. I'm going to try disabling everything except the virtual switches I've configured for presence sensing, since for me personally, that's all I really need. Will post the result here.


Nothing but a few virtual switches selected in the Homebridge app and it slows the platform. Very unfortunate, but I just can't run it on the same hub with everything else.


@SmartHomePrimer strange how some get terrible performance and others don’t.
Personally, apart from that lock up, I have no slowness.
What is your HomeBridge and HomeKit setup?
My setup is:

  • Apple TV 4K, wireless connection.
  • HomeBridge running on a laptop in native windows session (not virtual, docker etc). Also running is Plex media server to do transcoding and media management. Laptop is an I7 dual core processor with 8gb ram. Laptop is wired
  • only HomeBridge plugins are UI X, Hubitat and 4 x Nest devices (2 thermostat and 2 Protect).
  • devices linked to HomeBridge from HE:
    ** 4 x location sensor
    ** 1 x motion sensor
    ** 5 x multipurpose sensors (door sensors)
    ** all HE modes
    ** 20 virtual switches
    ** harmony activity switches x 6
    ** HE security

On HomeKit I have 9 x LIFX bulbs natively, Hue spotlight and 4 Hue lighstrips


I never had problems with Homebridge running on my hub. Since the last HE update, I now see the hub freezing on a daily basis..... Not sure what changed but something did...

I just started an experiment:

  • Changed the Homebridge code to not to subscribe to any of the device events
  • Created a Node-Red instance that subscribes to Hubitats websocket for events and transforms this message to a http request that is posted to my homebridge instance.

I have it working now and this should remove the whole argument that the Homebridge App on Hubitat causes the hub to hang up due to subscribing to all of the events.

I'll keep you guys posted on my progress, I would like to monitor it first for a few days before I start sharing that "workaround".


The fix for slowdowns with the influxdb feeder app was to make it use async mode. Is Homebridge using async mode?


One thing I found help tremendously, is the creation of a second instance of Homebridge that I would use to install any plug-ins that require connection to the cloud.

This way I have an instance of Homebridge that runs only Hubitat, UIX and ffmpeg.

The other instance has cloud stuff (is Nest, Roomba etc...).

I did this because I felt some instances of home bridge would crash due to problems connecting to a cloud platform, this would in turn cause the HE to crash because of a homebridge error.

This was also recommended by @tonesto7.

On a side rant, I think this is likely a platform (but what do I know, I’m just a lawyer). I say this because the mechanics of the app seem utterly simple as they are sending commands between HE and Homebridge.

The reason for my simple thought is that you now have a situation where each command is doing 2 things: (I) using HE to send a command to a device and: (ii) communicating between HE and Homebridge.

This constantly consumes more resources and well may lead to crashes? Again simple logic but if you use 80 devices in Homebridge (I do) that’s an extra step every time HE communicates with a device used in Homebridge.

Second side rant, HE support is great. I had an issue about a year ago (nothing to do with Homebridge) and they worked with me. The issue had to do with the hub crashing because an automation caused HE to lock. Anyway, they worked with me for weeks to find the bug and ultimately fixed it through a FW update. My point is, if this is platform related HE will fix it. We just have to work together to isolate any crashes. Perhaps the solution would be a message repository of HE slowdowns and crashes.


That is the underlying reason for my test. I want to see if I can isolate the issue and then work on a real fix. Right now, we all have our assumptions. I will slowly revert back to the original code if my workaround works. One step at a time