Homebridge Plug-in


I do not use Alexa/Siri for sensors.

I do use Dashboards for all my sensors.

Link to Hub is sending all my devices but not all of their attributes to the 3rd Hub, as discussed elsewhere.

I have all my real devices on at least one Dashboard. All my motion sensors are on two Dashboards, for example. I have a Dashboard just for Motion Sensors and the Dashboard for Downstairs / Upstairs have the same motion sensors.

I focused on Dashboard to get my imagination around what was available in this triple hub architecture. My thinking was: If I can't see it in Dashboard, I won't be able to see it in Homebridge or Amazon Echo apps.

However, I only use Homebridge and Alexa for my switches and outlets. In other words, if I want an overview of my system, I look at dashboard. If I want to do something, open close a lock, turn off a light, etc, I use iOS Home app.

In other words, I can see that the status of my contacts, motion sensors, temp, tilt, on and on, are reflected on Dashboard, which is, for me, only running on the 3rd hub 'coordinator.'


I see what you're saying.


Has none of my contact sensors, tilt sensors, etc. showing to be selected.

I never noticed this before since I have no use for my sensors on iOS Home app. :frowning:


I guess I'll just have to check out dashboards. The biggest bummer is that I can't use Link To Hub to "push" my Nest Thermostat to Hub 3 so I can use it in a "scene" in the iOS Home App. I was using it to set temps during my "Good Morning", "Good Night" and "Working Outside" scenes.


You can still do that by having momentary switches on the Hub with the Nest and send those switches through Link to Hub to Homebridge. Your iOS Home automations would then turn on the appropriate switch. (Have a NestMorning momentary switch (AutoOff in 5 seconds), a NestNight and a NestOutside. Their True action is to set the appropriate temp.)

Alternately, you can add a 2nd Appliance to your iOS Home, which is a 2nd copy of Homebridge running on that hub with Nest.


I hadn't thought of the momentary switches, great idea! As far as homebridge on the hub where the Nest is that's what I'm getting away from. I had homebridge on hubs #1 and #2 but now that all devices are on hub #3 I only need homebridge on hub #3, taking the "load" off hubs #1 and #2.


Hubitat staff knows that Link to Hub is inadequate for this scenario. That's quite evident. But fixing it is far, far from trivial.

SRWhite tackled this and he's said it takes Multiple apps and I think 23 drivers. (so far)

I imagine it's one of those technical challenges that is there in the back of their minds, nagging away. Eventually it will be done... just not in our desired time frame. :smiley:

Until then, there are workarounds.


Wasn't there a version 2.0 of this on the horizon?


There is :frowning:
Work has been taking up all my time the last month or two.


What do people do when a device has native HomeKit integration - use that or push the device from HE? I have LIFX bulbs working locally in HE and local native in HomeKit but not sure if I should push the bulbs to HomeKit via HomeBridge so HE becomes master


Anything that I can keep out of Homebridge I do. My hue lights go straight to homekit.
Homebridge has been reported as problematic as device count rises.
I have heard you can get around this by running multiple instances of Homebridge.


I have Lutron and Hue, both with native HomeKit. I can see the hubs in the iOS Home app but I just don't add them.


I have all my lutron devices added from the lutron hub. then my other devices split between my two hubitat hubs. trying to keep my device count down.


Anyone having issues with home bridge after the Hubitat update? My device just keep saying updating. My hue devices work just fine.


No, mine's working fine and mine's rather complex.

I have three hubs:

Homebridge is running on the Hub with no radios. All the devices I see inside the iOS Home App are devices that are on the Downstairs or Upstairs hubs. Switches (and outlets) are physically located on either the Downstairs or Upstairs hubs.


Disregard. Not sure what was going on but it was like that for a while. Opened HomeKit on my ipad and it was frozen. After a few minutes it refreshed and everything was working. First time that has happened. Kind of strange.


Hard to say if my results are similar.
I noticed a stuck updating moment.
I passed it off as typical for an app on the naughty list.
I also added a device that night and restarted Homebridge through the toggle on the last page of the app config.
So it's hard to say if I inadvertently fixed it by restarting the plug in.


I've had Homebridge startup times vary between 20 seconds and 5 minutes. It's been on the 5 min end for at least a week, for me.

I've might have restarted it twice, so I'm not concerned enough to look into it. Yet.


I think that’s what caused it for me to. Otherwise everything has been perfect. Oh well all good now.


I wound up vacating my 3 hub setup after a few days. I had mine setup similar to yours, where the 2 device hubs feed the 3rd hub, but things were just way too slow and sometimes even non-responsive. I went back to just 2 hubs, each with their own VM running homebridge.

You don't have bad delays or devices becoming unresponsive?


So I think you hit it on the head.

If I use the Home App and adjust the slider to 98% the shades will open and if I adjust down to say 3% they will close.

If I say "SIRI adjust the shades to 98%" she says OK, but does nothing. Same with adjusting to 3%.