Homebridge Plug-in

I know nothing of MakerAPI version.. I've only used HubConnect.

MakerAPI is a 'smaller' install and is native/built-in.
HubConnect continues to target a multi hub environment. If you have a 2nd Hubitat or a SmartThings you're still using, HubConnect would be better.

In other words, let your total system needs dictate the product choice, not the specific App. :smiley:


Awesome work Dan...thanks for the reply. Looking forward to trying it out as soon as you make it ready. I only have the one Hub so and excited to try it using the built in MakerAPI version.

@dan.t @tonesto7 New to the party - would be great to maybe start a new thread on this, this is not pretty buried and hard to access being that there are 544 posts

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split topic requested from support.

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Take a look here:


Thanks for all the work you've done and congrats on the new plugin...

I'm officially obsolete now :slightly_smiling_face:


Strange feeling eh?
Hopefully it turns into a group effort where everybody can keep making things faster, better, stronger.....

You can always leave SmartThings and come over to the light....


I just found a pretty nice HomeKit app. The only negative is that it’s $11.99

HomeDash by inbrillio UG (haftungsbeschrankt)

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I've been eyeing this same app but yeah, expensive. I wish someone would come up with something where you could actually design your own dashboard with resizable buttons etc. I had a Vera hub before Hubitat and loved this app:
HomeWave by Intvelt ‎HomeWave on the App Store
Wish something like it existed for Homekit.

Wha ? Expensive !?!
C’mon, that’s less than a few coffees :coffee:or 2 beers :beers:

I have absolutely no connection to the developer but they've made something you’re after and all they’re asking for it is a couple of coffees :blush:

It seems to me like you’re missing something here.


Thanks @dan.t and @tonesto7 for the homebridge plugin. I was pushing the envelope with 60 accessories in Homebridge and was seeing lag and had to restart the hub a couple of times. I installed the new code and configured the devices. We'll see how it goes. Running homebridge in docker on my synology NAS.

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I created virtual thermostats for each room in my house in Hubitat and passed the settings through to homebridge. I use the virtual thermostats with the Keenect plugin to manage setpoints to open/close my Keen smart vents. The virtual thermostats show up in Home but they have a default temperature of 68F. Can anyone think of a way to pass the actual temperature for a temperature sensor in the room through to the virtual thermostat? I don't think the incorrect reporting is hurting anything but it doesn't look right.

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Do you have sensors in that room that actually measure the temperature? If so, you could just set the temperature of the virtual thermostats with a trigger that triggers on a temperature change of the sensor

Yes, I have a virtual temp sensor in the room. The sensor also passes through to homebridge so I can see what it reads in the homekit app. The virtual thermostat passes through to the Home app and for that room I have two temp readings: the temp sensor reading which is accurate and the virtual thermostat which comes from hubitat and I don't believe its reporting temperature so Apple Homekit reports it at 68F all the time. If I look at that room it can be confusing to see two different temps. I was interested in whether the virtual thermostat could be set to report temp from the temp sensor.

Take look here, they talked about exactly that:

You can do what you want with @Cobra "Average All" app

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Awesome! Thanks.

So I just moved over to this setup.

Are people's experience been good with this over tone's version?

I'm probably biased but yes, it's been great for me.

The two new versions that @dan.t have built are terrific. They completely eliminate the Hubitat side App in favor of a more integrated feel. MakerAPI is Hubitat built and included, HubConnect is a Community created add-on.

I have yet to try the MakerAPI version, but there's a thread on just that here too...

Dan is actively working these products and has / is making great progress.


I'm a long time user of @tonesto7's version and still use his version for SmartThings (and NST Manager).

I do find that the new MakerAPI version seems a bit faster and more reliable, but I've only been using about a week so far.