Homebridge app and Virtual thermostats

Hi all,
I am using Homebridge app by @tonesto7 (v 1.5.2) and do not see any virtual thermostats in the list of available devices. I do see physical thermostat under Other. Is this by design or I have something miss-configured?


Not certain they are supported, but highly recommend you change to @dan.t ‘s excellent adaptation of Homebridge that uses MakerAPI instead. This will run much faster on Hubitat and is very stable. @tonesto7 recommends this for HE users too.

That worked, thank you!
No on to the task of exporting Weatherstation info to homebridge :slight_smile:

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I use HE Dashboard sometimes, but mostly I just use the Ambient Weather app on my phone and the Ambient Weather Dashboard on my laptop.

I am using AcuRite 01536 that is talking to weewx on PI and in turn to HE. What is the advantage of Ambient Weather?