Home Theater Basics?

Hey All,

I have my hubitat, a Plex Server, Xbox One, Alexa and a full home theater setup in place right now. I want to be able to say something "Alexa, time for a movie". With that the lights dimmer (easy scene), the xbox fires up, turns on TV and Plex and BAM...ready to go. Has anyone had experience setting something like this up?

The other thing I am trying to figure out is Plex Webhooks. Probably a topic for the Plex forums. :).

Any tips would be great.


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Easiest thing I think is to get a harmony hub for this...


I control my home theater and living room TV via HE with @ogiewon Logitech hub driver

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Check this out. It will allow the state of the plex player to be sent to HE and this can be used for automations.
There is also another app (media scene) in the thread that allows for different lighting levels for play/pause/stop.

I do somethings with Harmony but a lot I just set up a virtual switch and trigger rules in Rule Machine. Harmony doesn't know about most of my stuff. Then I share the virtual switches to a voice assistant.

For example, I have a virtual switch that runs a rule which turns off all the lights in the two adjacent rooms, dims the theater lights to 3%, turns on the Yamaha receiver, unpauses a rule to poll it, sets the input, turns on the projector, turns on the subwoofer, and plays a short music clip (10 seconds of the Breath of the Wild theme) over a Google mini. I have similar rules and switches to reverse that or change to different devices and inputs.

Great ideas guys. Thanks so much for the ideas. For those of you using the Harmony setup, how has your luck been? I hear some pretty mixed reviews.

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Harmony is not the fastest horse outta the gate (helps if you turn your device timings down via the remote or app), but it works. I use Harmony via HE and Alexa and both work well for me, no complaints.