Home Screen Shortcuts/Widgets for Scenes (or anything)

Is there a plan to add these to your home screen in the future? Great to have accessibility in two clicks as opposed to 5 for common actions or scenes.

I was wondering the same thing and coming from Wink they had it built into their app. I did find an alternative until the Hubitat app has the option.

I think this might actually be a better option because now I can tell Siri to trigger the shortcut I create.

There seems to be a number of different ways to do this. I have played around with several of them, both on IOS and Android.

What I would really like to see tho, is a widget or shortcut or whatever you call it, that shows the status of something. If a light or alarm is on the widget changes color or lights up, etc.

For sure. What was your favorite solution for Android. I wonder if the iOS solution Alfonso posted (thank you) will work for android as well.

I ended up with AutomateIt to MakerAPI. Seems to work best for me.