Home Late Rule Help -> multiple lights as 1?

Trying to get a Home Late rule set up with the following flow:

  • Trigger of Motion Sensor at Front Door (easy enough!)
  • If other conditions are true (see below), then turn Living Room Hue lights (total 3) on dim.
  • BONUS: Turn off lights after period of time.

So the conditions I have been a combination of:

  • Between 2 times OR a mode. I have a NIGHT mode which turns on at 10p. Right now it's the former.
  • A living room bulb is not ON. This is what I can't get. There a different scenes for the bulb so I would prefer just 1 of the 3 being on. It appears that hueBridgeGroup is only ON if all are on. I'd prefer to not test (bulb1 or bulb2 or bulb3) in the rule. Is this a virtual device? Something else?

As for turning the lights off after a few minutes, I think I can reasonably do that with a delay. However, what I've never been good at is manual override. I get home, lights turn on. i decide to stay up, turn on lights (switch / voice command / hue app) which should 'cancel' the delay / prevent lights going off. is there any event queue I can hook into?