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I recently received a Google home for a gift. I have added Hue light kit & harmony hub and can control them with the Google home. The problem is sometimes it doesn't work correctly. Example, when I tell Google to turn off my tv, it turns on my projector in the process. My question is if I add the Hubitat hub, can I link everything to the hub instead of to Google and still control it with the Google home.?

So at the root level, all of the Google Home integrations are silos, meaning they can't really interoperate with each other... At least without some work that I haven't looked into seeing if it's possible. Now that I'm thinking about it I don't think you can use Google Home to connect the separate systems other than asking it to turn all of the lights on in a room.

Your best bet is to try to get everything into Hubitat directly or use services like IFTTT or Stringify.

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Keith, thanks for the reply. You are correct and I just started with stringify & ifttt. I have link my Hue lights with my Harmony to turn my lights on when I chose an activity. I just do not want to sink everything into the Google home as it is not a true hub per say. I will be ordering a Hubitat tonight and start from there before I get to deep into my HA.


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Yea I have one hue bulb directly connected to Hubitat, but that's not advised.
Luck for me it's on the edge of my zigbee network so it shouldn't be repeating any commands.
Hue and other Zigbee bulbs are bad repeaters.

I've been thinking about getting a Hue Bridge and getting a light strip and some other things but I hate shelling out the cash for another hub... and having... another hub...

Hubitat from what I hear doesn't have true Logitech integration so no dreams will be fulfilled there until Logitech gets their act together...

And welcome!

What that you say? :wink:

Not an Official Integration, but a very usable one! With the latest Hubitat Firmware, no man-in-the-middle NodeJS app is required... No cloud connection... Just a pure LAN integration with control and instant status updates for Harmony Activities.


See I don't know because I don't need it.
My Apple TV is like my weapon of choice.
I feel powerful with it in my hands.
With Homebridge running inside of it's mothership brain I can just ask it to do the magic things and Siri actually understands me.

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LOL... I have 1 x Apple TV 4k, 2 x Apple TV 4, and 1 x Apple TV 3. I am only using the three Apple TV 4's at this time. Best little streaming box I have used.

Yea if Android TV gets treated like a real Chromecast including speaker groups my Apple TV will be on notice though...
The walls of my garden are shrinking in on that TV as I look at the Pixel 3 as well.

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I agree. I just replaced all my airport expresses, apple routers & canceled apple music. I moved over to the Google ecosystem and have been very impressed with the chromecast audio devices. I use them in a multiple channel amp to control a few zones. The apple products just won't play nice with anything else.

Back to the topic, should I disconnect all my devices from my Google home and connect them to the Hubitat? And then connect the Google home to the Hubitat for voice control? If I have any complaints, it is the Google UI. It is very confusing when trying to link & unlink accounts or add devices sometimes.


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