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I have an issue where HSM is accepting modification to motion detector selections in the config page, reflecting that on HSM top page - but still including those de-selected motion sensors once armed. any tips why when i set "Intrusion Home" active - and that configuration does NOT include group "Patio-Zone" - that after arming - the alarm triggers from Patio Zone?
Screenshots below:
This is the zone group Patio with three motion controllers:

This is patio zone showing no enrollment in anything other than HSM:
This is HSM showing that Intrusion AWAY does have the motion patio zone, and that Intrusion HOME does not -

This is the log file that shows i armed HOME - and then the Patio zone setoff the alarm -

Did you hit Done in HSM?

WOW - that was fast - thanks SO MUCH - and exactly why i recommend hubitat!
I would have bet you money - but it sure appears this is me w a user error of not pressing both "Done's"...
I just hit done with and done with HSM per pics below... set alarm in Intruder HOME - walked around to patio - and DID NOT setoff the HOME intruder alarm.. Sorry to bother you with this easy one, really thought i had it triple checked!
If you have a second can you direct me to any answer on how i can see if HSM/Hubitat is armed or disarmed from the phone app (maybe in tiles?) or how to arm/disarm remotely? I have been searching support and havent given up yet..
Thanks again including my pics on this "mistake / fix" just in case it helps others avoid my mistakes...

and done with HSM

and checked toplevel - which always showed the absence of the patio motion controller:

You can add an HSM tile to any Dashboard, so it can be used in the mobile app. It can arm/disarm, and shows the current state.

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awesome! and trick for newbies - when adding this tile - don't select anything in "pick a device" - just go straight to the second column, "Pick a template" - then once the tile is added - you click the tile and see many options for arm / disarm.
pretty cool!

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@bravenel What would I be doing wrong if after I added the tile in the dashboard it says Unknown? TIA

EDIT: Got it figured out. Thanks anyway.

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