Hikvision IP Camera as a Motion Device

@Mr_B: Just released the code here: [RELEASE] Hikvision Alarm (HTTP Listening/Data Streaming)

I hope this is useful for your needs!

Awesome. Will try it out.

I am also interested to try out this driver. I too have messed with the Hikvision HTTP Listening feature (which was added somewhere in the 5.5 firmware series, so you need a relatively recent camera) and wrote a rudimentary driver but I found that the transmission of the motion detection XML is pretty slow, so much so that I had to add an actual motion detector at the same location. Also, unless you really have the motion detection finely tuned, you will get a fierce number of false positives from the wind in the trees, the sun moving across the landscape, etc.

The actual performance of the motion detection is a completely separate issue with regards to false alerts, but that's independent of this feature. If you are able to limit the area in which motion is detected (unfortunately shadows move throughout the day), that will improve things. I find line-crossing and face detection less prone to false alerts. Of course, you can also use the power of Hubitat's rule machine to further refine, filter, and combine with other sensors and events to enhance the power and accuracy of alerts.

Yes, HTTP Streaming feature is not on the older cameras, so we may need to write a driver using ISAPI if that's possible - I'm going to look into this. I really wanted this for my indoor cube cameras because they have PIR which has virtually no false alerts at all and I can use them as motion sensors for automation and to enhance the security system, but the DS-2CD2432F-IW's don't have this feature on the latest v5.4.5 firmware. Fortunately, they have Alarm I/O connector and I can wire-in to a Konnected Pro zone that is also integrated to Hubitat that works really well. I have a newer DS-2CD2455FWD-IW coming, which doesn't have the Alarm I/O connector, but hopefully will have HTTP Streaming since it should come with at least v5.5.80 according to Hikvision's US website.

My cameras send the HTTP messages nearly instantaneously, so I'm happy about that. I'm not sure why yours would send it delayed? I have 2 cameras that support this and both are running x5.6.x.

Still worth a try though... Check it out at the link I provided a few messages up.