High Number of Route Changes

This device is a new Zooz 23 smart toggle switch. Any idea why the number of route changes are so high? All of my other devices have route changes under 9 with most under 5.

I see RTT is very high and if I'm reading this correctly signal strength looks great.

Believe it may be an indication that it is having issues communicating back to the hub. May need to strengthen the mesh around it as it looks like it can only see 3 other devices. As you note the RTT is very high —> the packets are taking a long time to get back to the hub.

I think you're right. I'm kind of surprised the mesh isn't stronger there, but I just these log messages trying to do a node repair.

What about the intermediate routing node 16? Could it be bad?

Without writing a novel, I had a similar problem recently. Solved it by making & downloading a backup of the database (which does some cleanup), doing a soft reset, restoring the saved backup, which removed a non-existent node that was in a route.

Good thought. Node 16 is an old Cooper Zwave switch (not smart). It might be worth replacing it with a zwave plus switch.

Interestingly enough, I just shut down the C-7, unplugged it, rebooted and the route to that switch now goes around node 16 and through the new zwave plus switch I just put in replacing another old Cooper zwave switch.

Edit: Now I'm sure that you're on to something. A different switch now is routed through node 16 with the blazing speed of 9.6 kbps.

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Just hopping on here to thank you for the solution to my search lol. Had a high number of changes and this worked!